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31. December 2020
Let us remember our place in the universe.
30. December 2020
29. December 2020 if it were a dream. Today is crisp and dry and sunny, coming back down to earth, landing on one foot, trying to find balance again, moving towards the new year.
24. December 2020
Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for meeting us here. It is our real pleasure to share images and thoughts with you. May you find a moment of peace and contemplation this Christmas day. s and d
23. December 2020
A child's anticipation and joy.
22. December 2020
For all the different things we see.
18. December 2020
... on the day on the week the paper comes out for one last hurrah before the long ride home
17. December 2020
The flower and the perfume what has substance and what rises from that substance a fine and subtle essence mysterious, far reaching a conversation that lasts all day transforming one and the other into silence.
16. December 2020
sharp and pointed and cold
15. December 2020
"It's something like a dream I keep coming back to this place that I know It's different but it's also the same." "I don't have dreams like this."

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