Into the woods



a  mysterious recognition

and appreciation of the other

the sameness and differences

somehow balance

in an easy play of being


Harvest Moon


Remembering my animal nature

Red Bird Flies

Holding the Red Bird

Collaging the collages

dark room

sEen fRom A diStaNce


Reflecting Upon....

...the day

what has been accomplished

the world


the season and what it portends


and what to make for dinner



Painting by Luke Gilliam

Cabbagetown Arts and Craft Fair

The fair is set up from Friday til Sunday in the park next to Riverdale Farm

and many residents have set up yard sales throughout the neighbourhood.

Come and wander through.


between worlds

Tending to the house

A New Beginning

September always feels like the beginning of a new year, more somehow than January.

We are embarking on a journey that will take us who knows where.

All we can do is ready the ship, collect all of what we might need

and set sail.


Moved by the Wind

The set changes in the library

Gifts from a friend afar

Paintings by Nancy Thielemans

Friday collage, Seeing and Being Seen


under a little grey cloud

Today we are drawing a blank

Framing forms in space

Today, hanging a prayer

Caring for

On their way to Somewhere


Above are the copies of the paintings that we collaged with

shown in Blogs Four, Five, Three, Two, One.





Today we had a visitor, Jill Lawrence, come to work with us. We shared images, copies of four paintings and each of us chose, unbeknownst to the others, to use this sitting character in our collages. Placing him up a tree, in the clouds, on a wall, in a room.

You met this character in yesterday's blog 'The Bathers' by

Seurat. Starting with the same resource is a great way to appreciate the unique imagination of each person.


Today was a good day.

Cooling off

Painting by Georges Seurat

Today's gesture with the space

Summer in the city

Ice Cream Day

Moved by the Wind

We're here to tell you...

...that the gallery will be closed for the month of August,

opening again on the 5th of September.


Our blogs will continue to keep you updated on what's happening on the inside.

Waiting to Dive In

'Looking for Go Home Bay'    Photograph by Shozo Ushiroguchi


A copy of this piece is on display in the photographic gallery in Arcturus.

Tamed by the Beast

Collage by Sae Kimura


The temperature of colour and of a day

cooler in the shade, a welcome breeze

softened by clouds drifting over sun.

Heat is something we can smell, can breathe in

and out

coloured by weather.


Polkadogs, Steeples and Chair

A day of seemingly unrelated elements, moments,

translated into black and white,

a quieter version of chaos,

letting the differences slide, one into the other,

dots and dogs a typo

mistake or nothing in common

steeples rise and clouds float, faster in the wind

an expression of inward and outward contemplation,

embodied quizzically

in the holding of blue chair.


Please, take a seat.

Calling the Apple Angel

It takes time for a tree to bear fruit

and what is time?

seasons and weather

snow melting to roots drinking deeply

years of many days

small branches growing thicker almost imperceptible

leaves unfurling and blossoms few enough to count

each one a possibility

sapling to tree

colt to horse

puppy to dog

one moment you notice it has happened

something becomes what it was meant to be


the readiness to bear fruit.

Today's Crazy Quilt


It is not the individual pieces that matter here

but the fact that we sat around a table together

  engaging attention in a shared activity.


photographic gallery

In the last couple of weeks we have opened up

another space in the building to be a photographic gallery.

Here we can exhibit the many works that we have

  collected over the years.

Sim Posen whose work has  inspired this project

will be showing  work  from earlier shows as

well as new work.


Sublime 2


Waiting for the storm

Maybe this is not so far from here

we hope you can find such a place

everything is upside down

A Steamy Day

Looking for shade

Happy Canada Day

Taking direction from the Clampetts

Smoke in the City

Collage by Eron Boyd

Vertices, the Geometry of Curves.... on the edge of a vortex

What is a wish?

bird in a box... tomorrow

Theatre of the Absurd.... Today

Light on the wall.... Yesterday

He is out of the box

Chair moving me in it

Walking in the puddle

Partway Settled

Boxes part two

sky and lines

wednesday collages



coming in   going out

more in than out it seems

possible containers for some future use


filling the space til there are none


Collecting impressions from our surroundings

Harnessing Momentum and Juggling the Moon

Trying to make the all pieces fit

Part two

Tuesday Morning Reunion Part One

Building Ladders

Safe Within

Looking for Turquoise

Cat by any other name is still a cat

Dancing on the Head of a Pin

In afternoon light

Shelter from the Storm

At 7's and 8's with each other..

collage by deborah harris

collage by Eron Boyd

collage by Sae Kimura

collage by deborah harris

collage by Eron Boyd

out of the box

Collage and photo Eron Boyd

today's front desk

Taking One Step at a Time

The Strong Man needs his Assistant

Drawn to the Mysterious

Collage by Eron Boyd

The exhibit becomes an urban environment

Final Touches

Sneak Preview

We will host an opening reception on Saturday of this week from 2 - 5:30pm

You are invited to attend.

A Cast of Many


A show happens in a gallery and a gallery takes daily care and management.

The behind the scenes actors are essential. 

When a show is in process everyone does extra time.

We are such a  good team at the gallery that it is easy to take it for granted just how smoothly we all step up

but this is why the atmosphere of the gallery can be so enjoyed by visitors.

Sincere thanks to Eron Boyd, Mark Tai, Ed Drass and Cathy Stilo.

It would take many words to describe all that you do.

Building a Show

Building a show;-  ideas born in another time and place enter into the now.

The space of the gallery has its own nature and proportions and ideas must reshape to accommodate factual reality. This is not a concession but an opportunity for something unexpected to be revealed. We created a form to support an idea and that form took up occupation in the space in a way that could not have been imagined before. If we become rigidly tied to our ideas we can not recognize these gifts and will miss the possibility to grow creatively.

After all is not creativity the ability to continually improvise with our surroundings and circumstances?


This show is a collaboration between the works of  Gustavo Jabbaz and Joachim Oepkes photographers, Lysias Harris builder designer, Manny Parmar print installer, Sae Kimura mixed media artist and assistant to every possible task invented by deborah harris, her impulsive and erratic cohort and curator.   


Inner Circuitry

working together

A Delicate Respose

harmonious dissonance