Reflecting on Moments of the Past

Home is where the heart is

Trying to catch the big one

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house...

                                                                                                                                                    ...a creature was stirring but it wasn't a mouse

An Alternative to Disney

During the Christmas season we are posting earlier videos for you to enjoy. This is the first of six.

If you have time over the holidays and would like to entertain yourself with more videos just click the link here.

May you find the magic of christmas

tHReE sPiriTs oF cHriStmAs

In the Box / Out of the Box

Looking for a Cave to Curl Up In

Intersecting Unknowns

Shopping can be fun with a friend

The evolution and fine tuning of a space

                  it can be received and enjoyed by our visitors.

Where World Maintenence is an Ongoing Concern

...the title of the painting by E.J.Gold that we hung today amidst the plants in the library.

Branching Out and Staying In

Street Life




Please click on our side menu to visit arcturus books.

The Clouds Look Like They Have Somewhere To Go

A Shelter From the Storm

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas la la la la la

What Kind of Story is This?

Looks Like a Pocket Dial

We never moved off our stools today

Holding and Letting Fly

We Meet Here on Tuesdays

As the moon sets the sun rises

Tempestuous Melody

                                                                                        Collage by Eron Boyd using a copy of the painting by Edward Burne Jones

Between the Covers

We have copies of this book available for viewing and or  purchase 

at the gallery for our discounted price of $55.00each.

Things Are A Little Bit Clear A Little Bit Blurry

Somewhere not too far from here

It is easy to forget that we live on a lake with a sky above.


Photo by Barbara Kellam on her morning walk

Turning the Page

Creating a Reading Room

Now that we are taking on the making of books

we are creating spaces within the gallery where

the books can be enjoyed, spaces where the one

reading does not feel too exposed at the same

time they feel part of something bigger.

A Work in Process

Feet are what keep us grounded

We didn't want to do it but we had fun

Today we took down the old and hung

up the new in the collage gallery.

There is always resistance to take down

something that you love but once started it is very great to rebuild the space.

Trying to Balance

We Can Finally See the Light!

5:45pm we just uploaded the book for publishing.

    No computer screens for the whole weekend!

The Second of Three


This is the second book that we are publishing about Floyd.

It should be ready to send out to publisher tomorrow and

we may see the hardcover by next week. Soon as we have the link for the finished book we will post it here.

The third one will follow.

Riding the Fast Train

Spontaneous Decomposition

The Palette of Winter

MoVing BaCkwaRds THrough TiMe


Today both Sae and I were very focused trying to recreate the happenings of the gallery through 2019 til the end of 2020.

Sae collecting images and I recording the dates and actual unfolding of exhibits. It is a strangely disorienting task

to go back in time but we seem to have survived. We agreed that this image conveys a sense of the experience.

Visiting Picasso

The Blue Period meets the Rose Period

"Who Are You?"

                                   The question goes both ways.

                It  sounds so simple but finding the answer is not.

They call it mellow yellow..that's right

"I'm just mad about saffron, mmmmmm"

The Art and Beauty of Bricks

Too Many Questions

Constructing the Leftovers

Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us to All of You

Six Feet Under

                                                                                                                                                ...  but still standing                                                             



(click on images to see them larger)

A Bird's Eye View

"She's leaving home, bye bye"

Artists Together

This week we finished the book that we have

dedicated to Floyd Kuptana, our friend and

fellow artist who inspired and worked with us

on the drawings shown on these pages.

We invite you to click on the link and enjoy.

The book will be available in hardcover, (at a discount), from the Gallery within the next month.

Higher Up and Farther In

Practicing our Creasing

Have a Good Weekend We Will Stay in Touch

Some of us walk the line... and some of us don't

Places we are no longer allowed to visit

                                     Collages by Eron Boyd

"The looking itself is a trace of what we're looking for." Rumi

Keep Dancing

            This is dedicated to Mark and Barbara

Sending out the surprise packets

                                                           ...for the online collage workshop

A Mysterious Meeting

One and the Other

when meeting become transformed

neither obscured nor diminished

but subtly and inexplicably enhanced.

Time Travel in the Collage Space Ship

Changing Perspective

Along the lines and between the lines the story stretches

A ConVersaTion TrYing To bE A BoOk

Our Book Making Muse

The studio organized and prepared

for book making.

The beginning of a new year

and a new project.

September Morning


Consider What is Happening

                                                                                                   Actions motivated by fear

                                                                                                              never end well

Variations on the 'Cellist' by Chagall

These collages were done by the participants of the Series #9 online collage workshop. Visit our website to see more.

Being in the Right Place with the Right Book

The Architecture of Thought

The architecture of thought is a mysterious space


The architecture of thought has a noble character


The architecture of thought intersects the past and future




Death as our Advisor

Being aware of death,

our own and of everything that lives,

can frighten or enable us

 to focus on what is possible now.

THe joY of creAting BeauTy and ORder

Shaped by the Wind



soft clay on the potters wheel.

fingers of wind curled around a frozen breath.

floating weightless above the trees.


Reaching for Pears

Emergency Measures

A Bit of an Uphill Climb

We Can't Create This

Smoking May Be Dangerous to Health

Less Information More Observation

Removing most of the colour changes the way that we see, what we see. Shapes, patterns and textures stand out in a way that is often disguised  when we are overwhelmed with colour.

Celery Juice


We all had a sip

celebrating being together again.

(that's because deborah is back)


Watermelon Days


Resolution is in the treetops

A Twoness

My Muffins Are Back

Do you know the muffin man,

the muffin man, the muffin man.

Do you know the muffin man that lives down Drury Lane.

There's a sky at the end of the tunnel

Meeting Again


6 steps apart

looking up

looking down

We are open again

We have lift off!

Preparing for departure.

Frustration and Calm (oh, she has a spike)

Healing Hands

These were done simultaneously today from a distance.

Take your cow for a walk day

Looking Ahead

Exercising Strength


Strength should not be confused with aggression.

Strength does not need to assert or defend itself nor does it desire to be offensive.

It allows us to be contained and to observe without reacting.

A Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Looking For Courage

10 Foot Ladder

Crazy Quilt

A Walk Between Downpours

Language of Objects / Objective Language


The ladder speaks vertically.

It allows us to climb up towards the sky.

The bike travels horizontally.

It propels us along the earth.

We know this without words.

The cards are on the table but it's time for a kiss

Happy Canada Day!

Everything in nature is authentic without our saying so

Drawings by David Sapp, Mansfield, Art Centre

It seems to me that 'authentic' is a presumptuous claim
for any of us humans to make about anything that we 'do'.
It is true to say that artists are 'touching the surface'.
It is what artists do. They choose a medium, paint, graphite, clay, glass, metal,
and they manipulate it, usually with their hands, in order to discover something.
Perhaps they do not know what they are looking for and maybe
they do not find out but it is a worthy pursuit to inquire into
the honest motive and completed gesture of the work.

Touching the surface is a courageous act, making a visible mark which can be witnessed and judged, seen and experienced by others
but mostly in the hope that it can penetrate to something deeper.


Untimely Meetings


Tonie Norman is one of the participants of online collage workshop.

For some reason these works were not posted online

so we are happy to show them now.

An Unembellished Moment

And The Number For Today Is Eleven

Each In Our Own World


A meeting up of the clan ( a little awkwardly by phone)

Bed Frames and Windows

Collage by deborah harris

photos by Sae Kimura



Same day 200 miles apart ( as the crow flies ) 

Paper, Scissors and Glue

A Little Bit Wild

What Happens When We Meet




by Eron Boyd




by deborah harris




by Sae Kimura

What We Cannot Alter

Having a Gesture with Space



It is a gift to be able to have a relationship to a space especially one that is otherwise unoccupied.

Most spaces we simply pass through but sometimes, on rare occasions, we can meet ourself in a new space.



Watering The Garden

Somewhere Over The Rainbow



Breakthrough into open space

The Path Is Opening Up

Trying To Find Our Way

"Where are you?"

Says the one who stayed behind.


"I'm not sure yet. I can't see very far ahead. I am climbing slowly uphill towards the light."


An adventure for us both.




Each day is a journey and the journey itself life.  Basho

Into The Woods and Out Of The Woods

Working together from a distance is

like riding a boat through the trees.

We will be blogging for the next little while through phone space,

that is somewhere between the forest and the trees.

Bear is a temporary stand in for d.

Remembering Floyd

No Words... just turquoise and red

Our most beloved friend Floyd Kuptana

................................left this world today

A Day of Contrasts

Seeing and Being Seen

                             Who is looking at who?

Queen Victoria wishes all of her subjects a jolly celebration of her birthday!

May 24, 1819   - 1901

Queen of England from 1837 - 190l


What is the language of images which lets them speak to each other?

Shapes, the subtlety and variation of tone, light and shadow,

a shared atmosphere and intimacy...

a quiet exchange

and comfort in each others company.

Standing in One Place Looking to Another

                                                                        Sculpted head by Pablo Picasso

Two Many

Wandering in a Maze of Light and Reflection

Picking up a passport today on Victoria Street south of Shuter.

A Little Bit Out...A Little Bit In

Warmed by the Sun

                     Chagall and Miro


Looking for Spring

Some Kind of Passage

                                                                ...on the way to an unknown.

Prima Donnas of the Song

Giving in to Gravity

I used to think outside was outside

and inside was inside

what happened outside didn't affect inside

but we breathe

inhale  and exhale

out and in,

The Early Bird Catches the Worm


Listening to the Song

The Earth is Singing

Inside / Out

Perhaps you will recognize the inspiration for these two beings...

Check out the blog last Wednesday.

Small Fry by Sae.

Big Eye by dh.

April Flowers Bring May Showers

Searching in the Dark

Taking Art Out To The People

During this time people can not come in to visit us

so we are finding ways to go out to meet them and you.

The piece above is a chalk drawing by Floyd Kuptana.

Look Up, Look Way Up...

 and let the wind tell you a story

Something Like A Bad Dream We Are Sharing

What Will Be Will Be

Life is a Crazy Quilt

The Love of Creating

Today our exploring found this young

sculptor name Callum  Donovan Grujicich. Please have a look a the video.

He is a very inspirational artist.

Come and sit in the sun

We Are In This Together

Maybe a little closer than we're allowed.

Backwards in Time

The Age of the Fishes is Ending

The Age of Pisces began around 100BC and ends 2100AD.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius.

An Easter Blessing

Darkness Comes Before the Dawn

What is Beauty?

The question and conversation today.

A Walk In The Park

THE eND OF soMetHiNG and tHe bEgiNning of sOmetHinG

? Earth, sun, air, the ability to watch things grow...

What Could We Possibly Have In Common?

         These collages happened simultaneously around the table.


(It gets pretty intense around here.)

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Today Was A Conversation

"What are the circumstances that call a creative gesture?"


Today it was the necessity of the Blog, trying to make visible something of the conversation.

ReStricTioNs LivE MOstLy in OuR HeAd

A Little Bit Light /A Little Bit Heavy

The Camera as a Key to Unlock the Many Spaces of Arcturus

Our new home page on our website

On the Other Side of Dark

        t h e   d r a w i n g   r o o m... featuring work from artist Daniel Hanequand


                         Another new gallery space you can visit when we re-open

A Place to Discover...

A new space opening up in the gallery

A Portrait of Hands



farm hands


hired hands


ranch hands


gallery hands

The Balance of a Moment


Today 'we' had the idea to open up one on of the gallery spaces

for a new purpose. This meant moving couches, chairs, books bookshelves etc., Much lifting, pulling, pushing, with arms and legs. Girls have to be tenacious to move heavy things but it can be done!

This image seems to represent the effort very well.


This collage above was done by Rena Sava, a participant in the online

collage workshop series #5. If you would like to see more of the work

you can go to the gallery website

Between One Reality and Another

No Words Today

Not Everything is a Masterpiece

Dusk....... (TGIF)

In the Time of Bright Sun and Long Shadows

Moving Through the Chaos

The Book of Three


 Sallie's last collage



We remember today Sallie Lyons, a dear friend and recent collage participant who passed away peacefully at her home on Monday February 15th . It is a privilege to witness someone meet death with courage and gratefulness for a life well lived. This was Sallie's gift to all of us who loved her.

Movement On The Other Side of Glass

                                               Flurries interspersed with calm.


A Path To Spring

...still a ways away.

Snowed Under

The Official Chinese New Year - The Year of the Ox

Sent today from our friends in France, Joan Cullen ( artist of the painting shown here)

and Dominique Cruchet (the photographer of the ox also shown here in the background)

A reminder of what it looks like... be determined and self directed


Today Sae n I went for a walk. When we arrived at Double Take

(our favorite second hand store) we saw these guys in the window.  By simply pointing someone inside brought them out and let us pay for them.

These four fat cats were just too jolly and intentional to resist.

Treading water or whatever else you are drowning in

                                                        But we are still breathing and there is light.


                                             wOndeRiNg wHaT haPpeNeD toDaY!

Purring Lines of Light


 In collaboration, each participant recognizes the unique talent, perception and skill of the other. There is a knowing that these differences when brought together in a shared effort can achieve something extraordinary. True collaboration does not dilute individual expression; rather it allows this expression to be more revealed by its proximity to others. Collaboration requires heart and seeing. It is always surprising and its essence is joy.


This especially describes what is

happening in the online collage

workshop. If you haven't already

visited please click on the name.


The Direction of Blue

Two Horses That Have Lost Their Heads

This is how we appear,  from the perspective of the computer, after six hours of looking at the screen.

It's The Same Moon

                                         here and  


A Response to Jackal

Collage by Sae Kimura

Discovering Red


Cruising around the internet today, looking at different artists work,

we happened on this painting, 'Jackal' 2016,

by Japanese artist Miroco Machiko.


This painting with its redness and intensity seemed to  infuse our day today.


It's Still Winter

These are colour photographs!

This Day Somewhere Far Away

                      Flower Garden  Odawara, Japan 

Today Felt Very Long. Time Seemed to Stretch

Black and White with a Splash of Red

                                          the description of a day

Something of an Uphill Climb

...with heavy boots

A Meeting of Colour

This is Too Much I'm Going Home Early...

The Pieces Aren't Where They Are Supposed to Be

...hence there is confusion

Seeing what is required and acting upon it

I dOn'T thiNk I cAn tHinK .... a n y m o r e

w e i g h e d    d o w n                                                                 stuck in a cup of hot water

A Narrow Window of Possibility

Reviewing the Past Year

a sensation of being sucked backwards through time

The Birds Come Home to Roost

                                                     A gift to us from Carole Aida  

Mixed media collage and drawing


This is our first day back from the holidays, something of a reunion and celebration.

The Year of the Ox May Be Turbulent


Make sure your boat is seaworthy

and steady yourself

to ride out a storm.

This too shall pass.