ABOUT US                                                                                                             

                                                                                                           ...For our work on the blog site we begin each day with a question. What is the mood of today? What are the challenges, what is it that catches our attention? After much exploration we try to distill what we discover and to find the right words and images to describe and offer it as something to be considered and perhaps contemplated by you, our visitor. It is possible that one question (if we do not try for the easy answer) can lead to another. Following a line of questioning can take us to unknown places.  We show all the work that happens here at the gallery done by visiting artists who participate with us.  Our aim is to share this with you.

                                                                            deborah harris     and   SAE KIMURA

                                                                                   words                       photos                                         




                   This blog is an outreach project of Gallery Arcturus  dedicated to engaging and inspiring artists to use their work as a means of inquiry. 

                                               Deborah Harris initiates and curates these exhibitions, collaborating with artists who wish to participate.




This is Ed Drass. He is the person that you will most likely meet when you enter the gallery. He is a skilled multi-tasker, and can eat breakfast, update the computer and greet guests almost simultaneously. He will be happy to describe the seven galleries to you and take you on a tour.




In quiet moments

he takes naps.


Eron Boyd is the basement troll. He is

an avid book collector,

green thumb gardener,

and the better half of


visual sound poetry video productions,

(with myself dh)

He has also become a

collage artist showing work in the Collage Gallery. 

Mark Tai is our 'dancing wu li master'. Guardian of tools and hardware, cleaning supplies and implements thereof. The gallery is the dojo he protects and cares for.


We wonder, 'How come he is so smart?'