15. June 2021
11. June 2021
by Eron Boyd
10. June 2021
09. June 2021
It is a gift to be able to have a relationship to a space especially one that is otherwise unoccupied. Most spaces we simply pass through but sometimes, on rare occasions, we can meet ourself in a new space.
08. June 2021
04. June 2021
Breakthrough into open space
03. June 2021
02. June 2021
"Where are you?" Says the one who stayed behind. "I'm not sure yet. I can't see very far ahead. I am climbing slowly uphill towards the light." An adventure for us both. Each day is a journey and the journey itself life. Basho
01. June 2021
Working together from a distance is like riding a boat through the trees. We will be blogging for the next little while through phone space, that is somewhere between the forest and the trees. Bear is a temporary stand in for d.
28. May 2021

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