02. December 2020
These two collages by Hanna Joy Farooq are contributions to our first online collage series. They arrived a little late to go onto our collage workshop page as we are just uploading the second series of works, but we wanted them to be seen.
01. December 2020
27. November 2020
We can't change what we have been dealt, only do the best that we can.
26. November 2020
a moment, nothing before or after
25. November 2020
we finally got it in the envelope
24. November 2020
20. November 2020
19. November 2020
...lost in reflections
18. November 2020
One of the hazards of our job is visual overload. This was definitely today. Closing the eyes and becoming quiet like a stone is a good remedy.
17. November 2020
Time moving faster than the speed of light and before we know it the sky grows dark we only just began the day and now it seems hours have passed unbroken attention and effort have spun the clock hands round and brought us here hours later seemingly in just the blink of an eye.

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