22. February 2024
Photograph by Simeon Posen, collage intervention by deborah harris
21. February 2024
20. February 2024
15. February 2024
How to describe a space which is not merely shaped by walls and ceiling and floors a space which is held and shaped by attention a space which changes shape by the questions it poses, by the forms placed in it.
14. February 2024
13. February 2024
11. February 2024
09. February 2024
Today's inquiry... what is skill , the ability , through repeated practice to do something well, what part does skill play in all creative endeavors and what is that other part, the mysterious inspiration which sparks that skill. A ship takes skill to build, the skill and strength of many workers. A wave does not take skill, a wave happens.
08. February 2024
08. February 2024

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