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20. December 2019
This is our Christmas card to all of you who visit us on the blog. We are wishing peace and joy to you and all your family and friends. Thank you for being with us each day.
19. December 2019
blessed as we are by seasons humbled as we are by weather
18. December 2019
17. December 2019
and still there is an opening.
13. December 2019
...the goose is getting fat please put a penny in the old man's hat. If you haven't got a penny, a ha' penny will do, if you haven't got a ha' penny then God bless you.
12. December 2019
11. December 2019
These are all spaces that can be visited, here at the gallery.
10. December 2019
Responding to Gauguin
07. December 2019
One of us was broken but she is mending. We will be back with you on Tuesday.
03. December 2019