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21. December 2018
20. December 2018
Today Sae received a book from a fellow artist and friend in Germany. The above image is a page from the book entitled 'ACHT' translated it means EIGHT. Below is Sae's collage response.
19. December 2018
18. December 2018
14. December 2018
This was a busy week rehanging all the gallery spaces from top to bottom including the studio in the basement which was the special project of Eron Boyd. Visitors are most welcome to visit all the spaces and the basement is the hot house where much of the work is created. A reminder to come to the winter reception this Saturday, today, from 2 - 5pm.
13. December 2018
A partnership of opposites.
12. December 2018
11. December 2018
07. December 2018
06. December 2018
Floyd Kuptana adapted new look.

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