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27. December 2017
Regular schedule resumes January 16th but check here for surprises.
22. December 2017
From Ed our doorman and tour guide
21. December 2017
Today's youngest visitor learning to walk and explore a whole new world.
20. December 2017
19. December 2017
OnE ForTy FiVe... a time (in the afternoon or morning) an age! an address (without the street name) the number of buttons in a jar the number of centimeters of a shorter than average person the cost of a skill saw on sale at Canadian Tire the size of a large herd of cows five pennies short of three rolls when the train departs the page in the book facing 144 (and the number just below the very nice shoe).
15. December 2017
In this image I recognize the object to be a chair. I know that it is sitting on a floor. The wall behind tells me that I can not walk forward but must exit the space to the left or the right. The shadows also tell me something of the space surrounding, of its shape and where the light is coming from. And it can be said that the chair recognizes me. It has been carefully crafted for a person, such as myself, to sit upon. In this way I am welcomed to the space.
14. December 2017
What is it that allows us to know where we are? Recognition: To know To recognize and be recognized. Without that we are lost.
13. December 2017
12. December 2017
It happened that while we were having our ongoing conversation about this and that and that and this, the winter arrived and settled all around us. This sculpture can be seen in front of the Mars Medical Research Building just south of College St. east of University Ave.
08. December 2017
This week began with a lot of unknowing and ended with a little bit of floating.

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