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28. February 2017
Fire we circle round it, turn our faces towards it for warmth, for light, for the transformation of food. our first and ongoing necessity is to feed ourselves, in times of abundance and scarcity. hands collect the seeds, plant the seeds, care for their growth, harvest the crop hands build the fire, cook the food, hold it to our mouth to eat. Sometimes through grace and effort we are able to amass a surplus it is only then that we are afforded the possibility of reflection, to consider our...
24. February 2017
23. February 2017
The one who waits...
22. February 2017
Photos taken by Ayokah Beauchamp
21. February 2017
Collage, stories, the body all the things we do, are mediums that hide and show what's hidden. excerpt from Rumi collage by deborah harris image of sculpture by Rodin
17. February 2017
Which way is up?
16. February 2017
This is the beginning of a new body of work showing in the Genesis Gallery at Arcturus where we are exploring the universal language of gesture found in the expressions of hands.
15. February 2017
How can a wet slab of sidewalk contain the sun and sky and all the branches of a tree? It seems to be a doorway into another world that we need only step into.
14. February 2017
10. February 2017
petal boot shadow wrench each word has such a different weight each makes a different sound when it falls to the ground landing softly or with a heavy thud or metallic clang words call meaning to them and speak for us.

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