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31. May 2017
When the sky's on the ground and the world's upside down la la la la. In the spirit of Annie Oakley and girls with gumption, Happy Birthday Maya.
30. May 2017
The foxes' wedding. It came so suddenly, we almost missed it. A mysterious occurrence, we sometimes refer to it as a sun shower.
25. May 2017
24. May 2017
Today feels like being turned inside a giant spinning drum impossible to stop or to get out. Nothing to be done but record the journey.
23. May 2017
19. May 2017
18. May 2017
Today we have been visited by the warm winds of summer.
17. May 2017
Sina Lack and Jerome Paul came by the gallery today with their instruments, the Hang Bal, Gubal, Hang Gudu and Pang Sui and played with us for the afternoon. Please click on the link to have a taste of what we experienced with them.
16. May 2017
A carpet fallen from the tree tops. And one who is looking for something.

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