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29. October 2021
5:45pm we just uploaded the book for publishing. No computer screens for the whole weekend!
28. October 2021
This is the second book that we are publishing about Floyd. It should be ready to send out to publisher tomorrow and we may see the hardcover by next week. Soon as we have the link for the finished book we will post it here. The third one will follow.
27. October 2021
26. October 2021
22. October 2021
21. October 2021
Today both Sae and I were very focused trying to recreate the happenings of the gallery through 2019 til the end of 2020. Sae collecting images and I recording the dates and actual unfolding of exhibits. It is a strangely disorienting task to go back in time but we seem to have survived. We agreed that this image conveys a sense of the experience.
20. October 2021
The Blue Period meets the Rose Period
19. October 2021
The question goes both ways. It sounds so simple but finding the answer is not.
15. October 2021
"I'm just mad about saffron, mmmmmm"
14. October 2021

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