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31. August 2022
Rock Painting by Aveline Beauchamp
30. August 2022
26. August 2022
placings things intentionally for our ease of use and accessibility being surprised by what we find and the sensation of order and beauty
25. August 2022
These drawings are by the late Daniel Hanequand and were donated to the gallery by his wife, who has also passed. They seem to have a natural affinity for this piece by Floyd Kuptana. It is always exciting to introduce different artists through their work, each one making something in the other more visible.
24. August 2022
23. August 2022
19. August 2022
Ordering the space is an ongoing necessity in 'keeping' the space spacious, allowing visitors to experience something other. It is our greatest offering here at the gallery.
17. August 2022
16. August 2022

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