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31. August 2017
Our friend Ariel came to visit today and we created a gang to add to our theatre. The best thing about being together is working together and the surprise of what is created.
30. August 2017
29. August 2017
I have built my house out of pieces of my life old and new. The pieces fit together sometimes in strange ways leaning a little to the left or to the right. Behind the walls and windows lives a theatre of characters, performing a dramatic balancing act.
25. August 2017
25. August 2017
The planets move and we too are somehow in the shadow of each other.
24. August 2017
23. August 2017
It seems that the forms have sunk into the floor, a quiet resignation but all effort is striving upwards.
22. August 2017
opposites collaborate
18. August 2017
We are in love. Watching this being move and surface, swim close and look unblinkingly at us inspires a long slow outbreath. I guess we just can't help but tune ourselves to its rhythm, unhurried, steady and perfectly content in the world that s/he is immersed in.
17. August 2017
... a constant struggle. It is easy to be overwhelmed by chaos and to avoid engaging with it but today we were reminded that when we do attempt to return to order that action often makes us aware of hidden resources and inspiration that can lift us out of a stuck place.

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