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31. August 2016
Eleven miniature collages by Vivian Felsen.
30. August 2016
This is how we look without our masks.
26. August 2016
Flower drying on the front desk footprints in the sand drawing with 2B
25. August 2016
Vivian Felsen painted this still life today in the gallery.
24. August 2016
This drawing by Daniel Hanequand is one of eight in a series entitled 'b e c o m i n g w h a t w e d o' showing in the upper collage gallery at Gallery Arcturus and is part of an ongoing reveal of Hanequand's work.
23. August 2016
construction and deconstruction fast forward and skillful reverse (safety net required). It seems we spend the first half of life constructing an identity and the last half trying to be free of all we have accumulated. Each direction is a journey to be taken. Sails hanging waiting for the wind.
19. August 2016
Finally, we, Vivian Felsen, Sae Kimura and deborah harris, agreed to let the sculptures in the gallery space be the subject for our painting. It is always somewhat intimidating to begin to paint but once started it is hard to stop. The more you look, the more you see.
18. August 2016
17. August 2016
16. August 2016
A day that has been washed with rain and clouds still full with promise of more looking through the bars of the back window the outside reflections enter and become the inside space

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