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31. May 2022
26. May 2022
25. May 2022
24. May 2022
Italian crystal alabaster, Brazilian steatite, Black African Pearl, Spanish alabaster, Pipestone, Harvest gold alabaster, Quebec slate...
20. May 2022
Today we received the third in the series of books we have published of Floyd's work. This book is his paintings. All Three books will be available at the reception either to look at or to purchase. This prices for the books are just our cost with no mark up. In fact our cost is less than if you buy a single copy on blurb because we get a discount when we order more than twenty. The books are a good way to remember and continue to enjoy Floyd's work. Click on the link below to see in full....
19. May 2022
18. May 2022
Today we assembled four black boxes (pedestals) The first one took us a very long time and seemed impossible. The second was a little faster And the third a little more And the fourth was in five minutes. We felt very proud.
17. May 2022
A few of our blog viewers were confused by the last entry which was the invitation for Floyd Kuptana who passed away on May 27 last year. We are hosting a reception on the anniversary of his passing, in honour of him and his work. We will also be showing many sculptures brought to the gallery by his long time friend JP Albert. They are packed in the boxes show in these photos. Today we began unpacking and finding places for them, mostly in what is usually the collage gallery and also the...
13. May 2022
12. May 2022
'There is no There' was the title of this work and exhibition by Jeremy Gordaneer, that was held at Gallery Arcturus in 2011. It was an extraordinary mural that he painted in his studio in Montreal and finished in the gallery just before the opening. Yesterday would have been his fiftieth birthday. On that day we received the news that he had passed away in August of last year 2021. It is a terrible shock to learn of someone that you have spent time with and have a strong sense of, to imagine...

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