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31. May 2018
a mutual regarding
30. May 2018
29. May 2018
A fish in a bowl is totally dependent on us for its survival. It can endure our neglect for a surprisingly long time but also it can revive dramatically with care and attention. It is possible for us to have relationship with every creature when we recognize it as living.
25. May 2018
24. May 2018
23. May 2018
22. May 2018
18. May 2018
there is a cloud of unknowing and in the splitting of the tree new life growing.
17. May 2018
Today Sae 'n' I ventured out onto the street, far from our stomping grounds, looking to find who know's what. We took with us a CONTACT map and gallery names but never found any. The bus was crowded and hot and we couldn't remember where we were or why we were there. Sometimes everything we need is right in front of us. Returning to our familiar was a great relief.
16. May 2018
...not the rabbit!

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