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31. October 2022
Odawara Beach, Japan
29. October 2022
25. October 2022
21. October 2022
20. October 2022
19. October 2022
18. October 2022
Time has a face and no hands it is a landslide In the body its words are out of print, forgotten, in the memory it is walking on soft pause.
14. October 2022
We realize that many or most of our blogs are somewhat mysterious in their meaning. We hope that this allows you the viewer to imbue it with your own interpretation. This particular image represents Sae's immanent departure for a one month visit to her home in Japan. We will continue to work together on the blog and Sae will sometimes send photos from Japan that we can share here. "Itterasshai Sae."
13. October 2022
12. October 2022
Spring, summer, fall, winter, is one cycle. Every cycle they add another growth ring.

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