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29. November 2019
28. November 2019
Variations on a Dali theme.
27. November 2019
Each of us, Sae, deborah and Floyd, began with a copy of a Salvador Dali portrait from his painting 'Paranoiac Face'. We worked simultaneously and these three pieces are the result.
26. November 2019
22. November 2019
This collage was done after listening to the twenty-one musical portraits composed by Prokofiev while he was attending university. Some of them are less than a minute in length and each is exquisitely complex and surprising. Please click on the link and enjoy.
21. November 2019
Above is the full length of the book unfolded. Below is the folded version seen from the front and each side. Please click on each image to enlarge for reading.
20. November 2019
Today Sae'n'I spent the whole day looking at a computer screen working on making a book. It felt a little like ice fishing in the Arctic (maybe a slight exaggeration) We did have success, just some minutes ago but we went a bit stir crazy.
19. November 2019
15. November 2019
14. November 2019

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