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30. November 2018
Every visitor is somehow shaped by the space. Today the visitor was Maya.
29. November 2018
...and we are merely players.
28. November 2018
There is a line in a Shakespeare Sonnet- "Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines..." which I am reminded of in this photo. The brightness exposes all and leaves no place to hide, inner definition is lost and the background becomes dark by contrast. The shadow looks on from a distance.
27. November 2018
This is the beginning of the new exhibit in the Genesis Gallery.
22. November 2018
"Soul Cake" A soul cake, a soul cake, Please, good missus, a soul cake, An apple, a pear, a plum or a cherry, Any good thing to make us all merry. A soul cake, a soul cake, Please, good missus, a soul cake, One for Peter, two for Paul, And three for Him that made us all. God bless the master of this house And the mistress also, And all the little children That round your table grow; The cattle in your stable, The dogs at your front door, And all that dwell within your gates We'll wish you ten...
22. November 2018
21. November 2018
20. November 2018
It is interesting to note that I can only truly focus on what is close to me. What is more distant becomes blurred, less articulate, more open to interpretation.
16. November 2018
15. November 2018

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