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30. November 2016
sleepy blue eyes sad blue eyes curious blue eyes something so comforting to be seen by these eyes that have somehow appeared like magic on the sidewalk out front
29. November 2016
turning pollen into gold honey an installation at gallery arcturus, part of the new show 'what is necessity'
25. November 2016
24. November 2016
What does it look like when two friends share questions questions without easy answers that ask us to look inside to what we know, in the body and in the shadows that stretch out from us. The same questions take on such different appearances when we let them enter, like looking at an elephant from different sides of the same room.
23. November 2016
This sculpture has a strong quiet presence that invites me also to be quiet, respectful not to intrude upon the space he occupies. I am reminded that such a space exists within each of us. A private space, self contained and precious.
22. November 2016
18. November 2016
Sculpture by Floyd Kuptana (our in-residence rock star)
17. November 2016
16. November 2016
Sculpture by Floyd Kuptana Table set by Eron Boyd plates washed after by Sae Kimura. Treat eaten by all.
15. November 2016
a metal gate a twisted rope a pile of rocks on the right path but walking backwards

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