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27. December 2016
Hovering between this year and the next one eye open, one eye closed murmuration a halo of movement and sound surrounding The Sae half of our collaboration is going to her other home in Japan for a visit and will send us photos from there beginning next week on the third of January. We look forward to starting the new year with you.
23. December 2016
Painting by Eric McConnachie done while visiting the gallery.
23. December 2016
and this is what we wish for you this holiday season.
22. December 2016
Christmas is all well and good... but it's a bit of a hard climb.
21. December 2016
Yesterday both Sae and I discovered the evidence of mouse quite independent of each other, in places close to where we work, behind the computer and the toaster oven and coffee maker at home. So, I wondered what that might be pointing at. Every creature has a very particular perspective based on their size, physical body, the way they move in their environment. The mouse sees things close up but does not have much of an overview. It's the details that I seem to have been overlooking of late and...
20. December 2016
Today the books arrived and hopefully the mice (just discovered by unsanitary evidence) will depart. We are asking them politely to pack their bags and leave. Mouse portrait by Daniel Hanequand.
16. December 2016
Please visit 80 Gerrard East for an Open House from noon to five p.m. tomorrow. Refreshments will be served and all the galleries will be open. The new exhibit: "what is necessity?"
15. December 2016
We have changed the exhibit in the collage and ascending galleries to respond to the title 'higher up and further in'. The E.J. Gold gallery continues to show Daniel Hanequand's 'a human landscape' and all of his work from previous shows can be viewed in video format in the Gold library. Daniel Hanequand's original drawings can be seen at the gallery and purchased from the artist's estate.
14. December 2016
ladder and bowl hat and ball the language of objects precise and evocative known in the body Work on exhibit in the collage gallery at Arcturus.
13. December 2016
Sometimes being sick is like standing still, spinning in place wondering when can I get off this not so merry go'round. When we're sick it's hard to remember what it feels like to be well and when we are well it's hard to remember (thank goodness) being sick. Please get well Miss Sae. It's much more fun doing the blog with you.

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