Building a Show

Building a show;-  ideas born in another time and place enter into the now.

The space of the gallery has its own nature and proportions and ideas must reshape to accommodate factual reality. This is not a concession but an opportunity for something unexpected to be revealed. We created a form to support an idea and that form took up occupation in the space in a way that could not have been imagined before. If we become rigidly tied to our ideas we can not recognize these gifts and will miss the possibility to grow creatively.

After all is not creativity the ability to continually improvise with our surroundings and circumstances?


This show is a collaboration between the works of  Gustavo Jabbaz and Joachim Oepkes photographers, Lysias Harris builder designer, Manny Parmar print installer, Sae Kimura mixed media artist and assistant to every possible task invented by deborah harris, her impulsive and erratic cohort and curator.