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A Little Bit Wild

What Happens When We Meet




by Eron Boyd




by deborah harris




by Sae Kimura

What We Cannot Alter

Having a Gesture with Space



It is a gift to be able to have a relationship to a space especially one that is otherwise unoccupied.

Most spaces we simply pass through but sometimes, on rare occasions, we can meet ourself in a new space.



Watering The Garden

Somewhere Over The Rainbow



Breakthrough into open space

The Path Is Opening Up

Trying To Find Our Way

"Where are you?"

Says the one who stayed behind.


"I'm not sure yet. I can't see very far ahead. I am climbing slowly uphill towards the light."


An adventure for us both.




Each day is a journey and the journey itself life.  Basho

Into The Woods and Out Of The Woods

Working together from a distance is

like riding a boat through the trees.

We will be blogging for the next little while through phone space,

that is somewhere between the forest and the trees.

Bear is a temporary stand in for d.

Remembering Floyd

No Words... just turquoise and red

Our most beloved friend Floyd Kuptana

................................left this world today

A Day of Contrasts

Seeing and Being Seen

                             Who is looking at who?

Queen Victoria wishes all of her subjects a jolly celebration of her birthday!

May 24, 1819   - 1901

Queen of England from 1837 - 190l


What is the language of images which lets them speak to each other?

Shapes, the subtlety and variation of tone, light and shadow,

a shared atmosphere and intimacy...

a quiet exchange

and comfort in each others company.

Standing in One Place Looking to Another

                                                                        Sculpted head by Pablo Picasso

Two Many

Wandering in a Maze of Light and Reflection

Picking up a passport today on Victoria Street south of Shuter.

A Little Bit Out...A Little Bit In

Warmed by the Sun

                     Chagall and Miro


Looking for Spring

Some Kind of Passage

                                                                ...on the way to an unknown.

Prima Donnas of the Song

Giving in to Gravity

I used to think outside was outside

and inside was inside

what happened outside didn't affect inside

but we breathe

inhale  and exhale

out and in,

The Early Bird Catches the Worm


Listening to the Song

The Earth is Singing

Inside / Out

Perhaps you will recognize the inspiration for these two beings...

Check out the blog last Wednesday.

Small Fry by Sae.

Big Eye by dh.

April Flowers Bring May Showers

Searching in the Dark

Taking Art Out To The People

During this time people can not come in to visit us

so we are finding ways to go out to meet them and you.

The piece above is a chalk drawing by Floyd Kuptana.

Look Up, Look Way Up...

 and let the wind tell you a story

Something Like A Bad Dream We Are Sharing

What Will Be Will Be

Life is a Crazy Quilt

The Love of Creating

Today our exploring found this young

sculptor name Callum  Donovan Grujicich. Please have a look a the video.

He is a very inspirational artist.

Come and sit in the sun

We Are In This Together

Maybe a little closer than we're allowed.

Backwards in Time

The Age of the Fishes is Ending

The Age of Pisces began around 100BC and ends 2100AD.

We are now entering the Age of Aquarius.

An Easter Blessing

Darkness Comes Before the Dawn

What is Beauty?

The question and conversation today.

A Walk In The Park

THE eND OF soMetHiNG and tHe bEgiNning of sOmetHinG

? Earth, sun, air, the ability to watch things grow...

What Could We Possibly Have In Common?

         These collages happened simultaneously around the table.


(It gets pretty intense around here.)

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Today Was A Conversation

"What are the circumstances that call a creative gesture?"


Today it was the necessity of the Blog, trying to make visible something of the conversation.

ReStricTioNs LivE MOstLy in OuR HeAd

A Little Bit Light /A Little Bit Heavy

The Camera as a Key to Unlock the Many Spaces of Arcturus

Our new home page on our website

On the Other Side of Dark

        t h e   d r a w i n g   r o o m... featuring work from artist Daniel Hanequand


                         Another new gallery space you can visit when we re-open

A Place to Discover...

A new space opening up in the gallery

A Portrait of Hands



farm hands


hired hands


ranch hands


gallery hands

The Balance of a Moment


Today 'we' had the idea to open up one on of the gallery spaces

for a new purpose. This meant moving couches, chairs, books bookshelves etc., Much lifting, pulling, pushing, with arms and legs. Girls have to be tenacious to move heavy things but it can be done!

This image seems to represent the effort very well.


This collage above was done by Rena Sava, a participant in the online

collage workshop series #5. If you would like to see more of the work

you can go to the gallery website arcturus.ca

Between One Reality and Another

No Words Today

Not Everything is a Masterpiece

Dusk....... (TGIF)

In the Time of Bright Sun and Long Shadows

Moving Through the Chaos

The Book of Three


 Sallie's last collage



We remember today Sallie Lyons, a dear friend and recent collage participant who passed away peacefully at her home on Monday February 15th . It is a privilege to witness someone meet death with courage and gratefulness for a life well lived. This was Sallie's gift to all of us who loved her.

Movement On The Other Side of Glass

                                               Flurries interspersed with calm.


A Path To Spring

...still a ways away.

Snowed Under

The Official Chinese New Year - The Year of the Ox

Sent today from our friends in France, Joan Cullen ( artist of the painting shown here)

and Dominique Cruchet (the photographer of the ox also shown here in the background)

A reminder of what it looks like...

...to be determined and self directed


Today Sae n I went for a walk. When we arrived at Double Take

(our favorite second hand store) we saw these guys in the window.  By simply pointing someone inside brought them out and let us pay for them.

These four fat cats were just too jolly and intentional to resist.

Treading water or whatever else you are drowning in

                                                        But we are still breathing and there is light.


                                             wOndeRiNg wHaT haPpeNeD toDaY!

Purring Lines of Light


 In collaboration, each participant recognizes the unique talent, perception and skill of the other. There is a knowing that these differences when brought together in a shared effort can achieve something extraordinary. True collaboration does not dilute individual expression; rather it allows this expression to be more revealed by its proximity to others. Collaboration requires heart and seeing. It is always surprising and its essence is joy.


This especially describes what is

happening in the online collage

workshop. If you haven't already

visited please click on the name.


The Direction of Blue

Two Horses That Have Lost Their Heads

This is how we appear,  from the perspective of the computer, after six hours of looking at the screen.

It's The Same Moon

                                         here and  


A Response to Jackal

Collage by Sae Kimura

Discovering Red


Cruising around the internet today, looking at different artists work,

we happened on this painting, 'Jackal' 2016,

by Japanese artist Miroco Machiko.


This painting with its redness and intensity seemed to  infuse our day today.


It's Still Winter

These are colour photographs!

This Day Somewhere Far Away

                      Flower Garden  Odawara, Japan 

Today Felt Very Long. Time Seemed to Stretch

Black and White with a Splash of Red

                                          the description of a day

Something of an Uphill Climb

...with heavy boots

A Meeting of Colour

This is Too Much I'm Going Home Early...

The Pieces Aren't Where They Are Supposed to Be

...hence there is confusion

Seeing what is required and acting upon it

I dOn'T thiNk I cAn tHinK .... a n y m o r e

w e i g h e d    d o w n                                                                 stuck in a cup of hot water

A Narrow Window of Possibility

Reviewing the Past Year

a sensation of being sucked backwards through time

The Birds Come Home to Roost

                                                     A gift to us from Carole Aida  

Mixed media collage and drawing


This is our first day back from the holidays, something of a reunion and celebration.

The Year of the Ox May Be Turbulent


Make sure your boat is seaworthy

and steady yourself

to ride out a storm.

This too shall pass.


Welcoming in the New Year

      Let us remember our place in the universe.

Rain with Intermittent Sun

Christmas has Melted...


...as if it were a dream.


Today is crisp and dry and sunny, 

 coming back down to earth,

landing on one foot,

trying to find balance again,

 moving towards the new year.


Giving is a Gesture of Heart


Merry Christmas to you all.

Thank you for meeting us here.

It is our real pleasure to share images and thoughts with you.

May you find a moment of peace and contemplation this Christmas day.


s and d

Dancing Towards Christmas

               A child's anticipation and joy.

Two Hands, Two Feet, Seven Eyes

For all the different things we see.

A Bit Scary to See Through Today's Lens


The Day After The Day Before (we missed the day between)

Just Landed in Tropical Heat Wave

Sunny Skies, Underwrap and Stacked

Still, no way in.

The Rhinos Are Out!

A Little Bit Out A Little Bit In

Things are Looking Up

A Sense of Space

Social Distancing

                                                                                                                                 West meets East

                                                                                                                       The dog park at Allan Gardens

A Meeting of the Guardians

                                             from above and below

"Hello Neighbour"

Having Nothing to Say

Being Cawled to Look

Facing one way or the other

                 Looking From Both Sides

Not Quite There


This extraordinary painting by Luke Gilliam is framed under glass

  and reflects the the room it occupies.

The added layer seems to amplify the feeling of today... observing from the outside

'not quite there'

In Through the Back Door

Today we sat on a bench in small alley which surprisingly faces exactly onto the back wall of the gallery.

This back wall has many windows. In one of them we had the idea to put a painting facing out

so that those people living in the surrounding condos or, as we did, decide to sit on a bench to have their coffee,

can discover and perhaps even be inspired to visit us.

Today was a good wind...

A Small Window on the World

The Moment Lives On

And what is the moment?


It is a unity, a circle of beings,


 content in that moment.


A Meeting in Shadowland


Not reflected

We see our selves most clearly, most truly, in the eyes of those we communicate with.

We reflect each other.

Looking at the world upside down

Looking for Direction

Waking Up


Sorry we were late.

Moved by Wind

This is a gift of spacious



  Castillon writes:-

« Listening to Hania's music over and over, I began to dream of a single sequence shot that would follow her music floating in the wind of an unreal Icelandic landscape. I asked each dancer to give a personal interpretation of Hania's song. We were very lucky to succeed in this insane artistic performance despite the great cold (minus 7 celsius), it was such a moment of truth. Shot in Iceland on February 23, 2020. »

Directed by Neels Castillon
Music by Hania Rani
Dancers — Mellina Boubetra, Janina Sarantšina, Fanny Sage


Connecting from a distance

Sidewalk Art

Stretched into the Blue

"Caught in a web of contending forces..."

                         "Caught in a web of contending forces, he is at once a protector of good and a doer of evil;
                           a builder and a spoiler; a man of principle and an opportunist; ..."
                                                                                                                                   William Shakespeare, Henry V

If Only We Were Pigeons...

"I guess a lot of people are feeling that" says Sae.


"Yes, a lot of people are wishing they were pigeons!!!" says I.

For the new blue flowers

Tis is the season for raking leaves and some of us are very enthusiastic about this task.

Unfortunately, the city has suspended the pick up of yard waste and so....

This morning we made a platform for the bags to sit on so that the grass and small flowers

will not be crushed while waiting, wrapping them with canvas in case of rain and tying them

'round with rope so that they will not fall and spill all over everywhere. Practical creativity.

Not particularly beautiful but somehow satisfying.

Sending Our Prayers on the Wind

In the Twilight Zone

                                                                                                                        ...trying to find the light

For Our Dear Friend Eron...

...in memory of his beloved mother Georgia Boyd - December 1939 - March 27 2020

Reconnecting 'Round the Table

It seems that what can be expressed through art cannot be translated into words.

None of us spoke while we were working today

even though we have not seen each other together for many days.

But the work speaks for us in inexplicable ways.

It is a mystery.


Today we made this flyer for Stuart, the proprietor of our neighborhood cafe in hopes that he can stay open and solvent through this shutdown.

If you want to pick up a truly great coffee drop by B U L L D O G.

Hold On...

The Outside Beckons Us

In the World But Not Of It

Don't Be Scared It's Just Us

It seems we are all a bit confused and shy to follow the directions for COVID 19 but it is our duty to be responsible

not only for our self but for those who share the world with us, those we love and care for and those who are unknown.

Many lives depend upon our correct action,  this situation may be the shock needed to shift our awareness.

It gets easier if we are all in this together.   (that's why Sae and I are practicing and trying to get you onboard)


                                                                                                                                  ...it's not all bad

Remember to Step Outside

Today we walked and walked and remembered how good it is to breathe the air outside.

We are being asked by the conditions at hand to stay close to home and avoid crowds and travel.

A moment or two of this is advisable.


Today was a difficult day

...confusing and messy

ragged and sharp edged

There is a lot happening that we have not encountered before

inside and outside

we are challenged to be balanced

to use our common sense

to remain calm and disciplined

Today we were not quite there yet.

Where Is Home?

How Differently We Each Interpret The World!

Often we think that it is important that someone share our opinions but not so with art.

In art we can appreciate our differences, in fact we celebrate them.

Maybe it is not so vital that we all think and say the same thing.

Maybe we can look and listen and learn.



A Different Blue A Different Circus

The objects and subjects of the gallery basement.

The World is a Blue Circus

Marc Chagall

Blue Circus


Pacino di Bonaguida

The Creation of the World

1309 - 1347

How the Body Remembers

After using collage with this Medieval set we went out on the street and photographed an old building in the state of demolition and salvation

and found that we had somehow created almost exactly the same construction as in the painting, (seen in our Feb 27th blog).

This was unconscious and therefore surprising, the way we take in impressions and remember them in our bodies.

Becoming Animated

                                                                                                                                                                   ... thanks to Eron Boyd

Picasso Steps Upon the Medieval Stage

St Francis Renouncing Worldly Goods 1295

         The Mountebanks by Picasso 1905

A Reflection of Today

The First Star I See Tonight...

Today Sae 'n' I  worked on designing a new web page.

We will let you know when it's up and running, should be in two to three weeks.

Fishing for Mary

                                                                        Night Fishing at Antibes   by Picasso 1939          The Disembarkation of Mary Magdalene 

                                                                                                                                                                     possibly by Pietro Lorenzetti  1310

Collage by Sae Kimura

Collage by deborah harris

Clearing the Visual Palette

The Near and Distant Past

Vivian Felsen

Le  Duo                            The Presentation in the Temple

Georges Braque                 Giotto di Bondone

1937                                   1267 - 1337

deborah harris                                                Sae Kimura

For these collages we each had a copy of the two paintings shown above which we combined.

All in all we were able to finish thirteen collages using the same material.

These are the first three.

Not sure where the forest ends and I begin

                                                                            and home is a thought I can't quite touch

T T C Looking for Alternatives


Illuminate: To enlighten; to throw light upon; to light up with festal lamps

Cardboard is our new canvas

This strange coming together of elements to make what could be called a sculpture,

is a playful and spontaneous response to the objects and materials present in the space

but also to the inquiry itself. Irrefutable alteration provides a framework to

explore and to perceive variations on a theme. 

Looking at the different images on the blog will give you a hint of those possibilities.

Alterations # 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Opening the drawers of the past/ Turned to the future/ Drawing in the present

Alteration #8

This show that is currently evolving began as P R I M A L  J O U R N E Y

with a solitary boat figure in a tumultuous sea.The figure descended and turned, 

M E E T I N G   W H A L E.

"And then what? we asked. How does this story continue?

Even whales must come up for air. Gravity below our feet keeps us standing or pulls us over.

As you probably saw in earlier blogs we cut the boat and stood it on its end.

A ladder of sorts leaning on the ramparts, an effort to climb away from earth's concerns.

The truth is, after meeting whale one is irrefutably altered and that is the new title;-  

I R R E F U T A B L Y    A L T E R E D.

The Space Where We Work... Lit by the Sun

This is where your blogs are born.

Very Far From Here

It's either an uphill or a downhill climb

Rogue Twins

Working with Perspective

Look Out

Holding a Moment of Peace

The Story Must Continue

                    One cannot stay forever underwater with the whale. One must come up for air.

                      What was once a vehicle becomes a shelter, perhaps a home, albeit somewhat quirky.

Still Life with Black Jug

For this exercise we decided to interpret the George Braque painting 'La Table de Toilette', using collage, working from a black and white reproduction and each choosing our own pallet. We did not look at the original colour painting til we were finished. 

Sneaking out through the back door

A Winter's Retreat

Will the Real Paul Klee Please Stand Up


A CoRnucOpia of WoRk

                                                                                                                                                  ...continuing LESSONS WITH THE MASTERS

A Meeting Place

Today we all met back at the gallery again, Sae, deborah and Floyd, after a few days apart.

The gallery is a rare and special place, a place where creativity is allowed to live.

This was our second drawing based on 'The Ice House' by Lawren Harris 1923.

The house seems to represent a unique and solitary place, surrounded by the elements.

A mystery which invites one to enter.

We hope the gallery does the same.



As Above So Below

Becoming Like Children

Today Sae n I spent the whole day with our very favorite 3 year old friend.

This is what we looked like when she left to go home.

Reading Music of the Day

Body So Full Head So Empty

collage ensemble by Vivian Felsen

A Parting of the Ways

Year Ending and Beginning


We seem to organize our lives into years.

Time lines, running parallel until they don't

a sudden turn in direction sometimes takes us

where we can't imagine going

and every new year we commit to being better

a noble resolution we hope to live up to

falling down,

standing up again

some semblance of structure that we can measure ourselves against,

a path to follow.