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Under the Influence

This is a story about the collaboration between a sculptor, a collage artist and two photographers.

We are each influenced by the other to create something unique.

Pete and Sae Conversing

A camera can give permission to go to places that I wouldn't usually go and to look at things differently.

These photographs were taken by Sae Kimura. The top one is of Pete Corr.


A pause to sense where we are

Where to now?


A pause to determine where do we go from here?

Moving Forward

Can you see the figure?

Feet planted, skirt full and blowing behind,

face upturned towards the balloon,

red with intent.

A rough terrain to walk in but expansive 

with distant horizons.

I feel that I want to be this figure.

One Man's Garbage is Another Man's Treasure


Today we opened up the studio space, 

moving things that we had once found to be found by others.

a sharing of the wealth.



Off to the Lake

An Inspiring Celebration

For the past year we have been exhibiting different bodies of work by Daniel Hanequand.

This Saturday we are holding a closing reception where we will make available for viewing all of the work from those exhibits.

It will be the last chance to see these works in this format. We welcome you to attend between 2 and 5:30 pm.

Through the Lens


For the last week we have been preparing the Collage Gallery for the next exhibition

'l o o k i n g  a t   p e t e' , reception to be held this Saturday 8th of July,  2:00 - 5:30pm.

Peter Corr (pietdesnapp) has photographed people throughout his life,  people who he recognizes as having an affinity for, people who can also see him. There is an agreement between him and his subject, a mutual regarding. 

In this exhibit we are introduced to Pete the photographer and to some of the characters he has met in his life as they appear through the lens of his camera, (as seen above).


Black Dog

Looking at life from both sides

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go



          Happy Canada Day Weekend!!


It's fun to walk in the rain when you have a black rain coat

(even if it's not your own).




The sensation of looking out as if from inside a small box can feel cozy and protected or a little cramped and small.

It just depends on the circumstance.  


What is perfection?

TGFF Thank Goodness For Friends



 It is quite impossible not to be influenced and inspired by each other these are friends of Shmo.

Perhaps there are more friends coming.

Introducing Shmo

This is the newest member of our team created by Sae Kimura.

We all love him.

Not Giving Up

Today is a very serious day 

but we are holding on 

and dancing our way through it.

Living is courageous

Today we are talking about courage and about being alone and about how small is our place on this earth.

When we are sitting we are not moving. It is a pause when we consider where we are.

This chair was at the corner of Carlton and Church. It is not there now. 




Inviting you to look

We are having a conversation about colour,

the alchemy of colour, its energy and effect.

A petal of red on a grey sidewalk is a different sensation from a grey pebble on a red floor.

A pink sleeved elbow resting on the windowsill of a lapis blue car,

a green stink bug on ground covered in fresh cedar chips,

these combinations trigger a most surprising sensation if we pause long enough to notice.

It is not simply the combinations of complementary colours

but the ratio of one to another which is both surprising and mysterious. 


Looking Down



A simple tilt of the head and different worlds open up. 

Down or up, left or right, 

the possibilities of seeing surround us.

Looking Up

The view from the top of the stairs 

in front of the door of the gallery.

Unfolding Father Time

Father Time is the title of a painting by Sae Kimura, shown here as she has reproduced it on chiffon fabric. This and other printed fabrics by Sae can be seen at Pamenar Cafe on Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market. Works will be displayed til June 30th.  

Something to be found

Even with all the hundreds of high rises being built 

we are still a city of green.

What Changes and What Remains?

In the winter of 1912 Lawren Harris painted this building, 80 Gerrard St E.,

which is now Gallery Arcturus.

Pigeon Theatre

just humming a little tune

strolling down the avenue

Nothing!  hmm

In the spot light now, 

tada tada, doing a little dance.

Oh! what's in here? 

Wearing my red shoes

one foot in front of the other...


Hanging in Limbo

Les Demoiselles d'Arcturus


When Vivian finished her collage she was reminded of the painting of Picasso titled 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

We chose a black and white copy of what is a colored painting so that the forms could be easily seen.

Below is a more accurate reproduction of his original.

Artists speak with each other in many different ways.



Colour comes in all shapes and sizes

but today waiting is black and white.

Bonne fête

When the sky's on the ground 

and the world's upside down

la la la la.

In the spirit of Annie Oakley 

and girls with gumption,

Happy Birthday Maya.

Kitsune no yomeiri

The foxes' wedding.

It came so suddenly, we almost missed it.

A mysterious occurrence,

we sometimes refer to it as a sun shower.

Life is a Miracle

'It's Raining, It's Pouring...'

Spin Dry




Today feels like being turned inside a giant spinning drum

impossible to stop or to get out.

Nothing to be done but record the journey. 

Seen Through


Who has seen the wind?



   Today we have been visited by the warm winds of summer.

Rhythmic Harmonies



Sina Lack and Jerome Paul came by the gallery today with their instruments, the Hang Bal, Gubal,

Hang Gudu and Pang Sui and played with us for the afternoon.

Please click on the link to have a taste of what we experienced with them.







This two string instrument is a Pang Sui.

As Above So Below




A carpet fallen from the tree tops.

And one who is looking for something.

She Who Knows

Sensing you, our dear friend, Heather.

Black and White

Full moon rising

On an even keel


'on an even keel'

not easily losing balance 

or returning to balance after difficulty.


This expression was first used as a 

nautical term. 


You are Invited...

Feet and Inches

Their is a very old saying :-

'To see from another's perspective you must stand in their shoes.'

This is an unspoken request when looking at art and is the reason why art has the possibility of expanding our view.


Shoes themselves are interesting forms. How they touch to the ground, how they lift off.

They tell a story of how we place ourselves here and how we arrange the rest of our body to balance.

It all begins with the feet. 


The Red Shoes



Daniel Hanequand's drawings have inspired this three dimensional collage sculpture.

To see more of Daniel's extraordinary work please visit Gallery Arcturus.





Today we have been spinning like two balls

or maybe it is two holes that we are looking through,

holes that shape what we see and frame what we know,

or are they spheres drawn upon in fine detail

to throw up high or roll across the floor





Chance of Thunderstorms

The beginning of something new

Today began with sunshine and blossoms 

by late afternoon the day became a shadow of itself.

Inside we were peeling off the photos

and taking down the show.

In it but not of it

Can we be separate from the crowd and also part of it?

Perhaps it is better when we can see it from outside.


This drawing is by Daniel Hanequand and can be seen in the library at Gallery Arcturus.

Tip Toeing Through the Tulips

The Measure Of..

How tall is a goose?

How wide is the sky?

   How long is a tiger's tail?


How immeasurable the whole?



Signed, sealed and delivered

Today was a mailing day, sending out invitations for the next show and opening of Daniel Hanequand's work;-

't h e   v i e w   f r o m   h e r e' .     Labeling and stuffing envelopes, sealing and stamping, and carrying them

in the rain to the post box before 5pm. It's a rhythmic job, when you get into it, which all of us seem to enjoy

accompanied with just the right music and the crunch of chips. 


Reclining Figure


In my opinion, everything, every shape, every bit of natural form, animals, people, pebbles, shells,

anything you like are all things that can help you to make a sculpture.  


                                                                                                                                                  Henry Moore, Sculptor

Here and There

Snacking on collage

(or how to make a meal of it)

the brother 

and three sisters

Intersection and Ascension

Eyes on the ceiling

The Warp and the Weft

Under construction

a weaving of heavy metal 

and brilliant colour

pulled to the sky

and entered from below.


Full Moon Rising

And feeling turned

upside down.


Japanese Street Musician 1870

Rainy Day

A Movement and a Waiting

The Yellow Light

The image on the left was taken today at the corner of Church and Gerrard. The photo of our friend Piet Corr was taken a month ago in the gallery. The two seemed to want to go together with the lens on Piet's camera turning colour. I went to the internet and looked up 'yellow light' and this song appeared, by the Icelandic group 'Of Monsters and Men'. We decided to include the link here.



Piet this is for you.


Click on 

Yellow Light




You are invited to...

As Above...   So Below

                                                                 'Playing Hands'   9 collages by Vivian Felsen


                                                                          Click on each small image to see.


For thousands of years human beings have been shaped by what we hold in our hands. 

'The hand shapes the tool and the tool shapes the hand.' 


Waiting for the Arrow

It's hard to stand or move with an apple balanced on your head.


Maybe it's better to eat the apple?



Hand me downs

Constructing a work space

Securing and preparing the site,  framing

whatever is to be observed to that it can

be seen and held in focus,  penetrating

the matter in question in order to

understand it better... all of this

could be said of what we do in the gallery.




The work space  itself is a work of art,

changing shape in response

to whatever is placed within it. 



Side by side

Returning to work after four days away, it is about re-orientation to the gallery space, and to our shared projects.

Collage is a surprising way to see what we are up to and where we are situated now. It sets us up for the week ahead.

Getting Better

Being sick is a big 'STOP' sign, nothing else is possible, you just have to wait for the sky to open up and be clear again.



Orange you glad you're not sick!

Stuffed Up!

Nothing is as it seems

In the box but not of it



It often seems that we are surrounded on all sides, demands, expectations, things happening all the time.

We are always spinning, as if suspended by a thin thread.  And sometimes there is a moment, a pause 

when time stands still and I return to a sense of wholeness and energy..

A moment.



What changes and what stays the same?

Today we are four



It has been awhile since the 'core four' have worked together,

Vivian Felsen, Eron Boyd, Sae Kimura and deborah harris.

Today we met at the oval table and this is the result of our lively and at times profound exchange.



W  E  L  C  O  M  E

                                                         "This morning I found a chair placed in the space,

                                                            it invited me to sit and to pause and look."


Into the sunset

Through the doorway

A door between two spaces


an opening we can move through 

going out or coming in

and the invisible barrier of a window

which lets us see the other side.



This doorway is to the Allen Garden conservatory located between Carlton and Gerrard Street east.

This doorway is the main entrance on the Palm building constructed in 1910.


The act of creating







We began with a question, 'what is the language of gesture?' An idea arrives,

not as words but as a vision, not quite distinct. We search for and find materials to make the vision manifest. But then the process begins and materials have a mind of their own, conforming to weight and gravity, light and shadow and what happens is something of a miracle, a total surprise

that we feel privileged to be witness to.



we circle round it, turn our faces towards it 

for warmth, for light, for the transformation of food. 

our first and ongoing necessity is to feed ourselves,

in times of abundance and scarcity.


hands collect the seeds, plant the seeds, care for their growth, harvest the crop 

hands build the fire, cook the food, hold it to our mouth to eat.


Sometimes through grace and effort we are able to amass a surplus

it is only then that we are afforded the possibility of reflection,

to consider our existence here on earth,

to observe what we have discovered and to share that knowledge with words.





A story of three









            The one who waits...








             The one who comes...








              The one who watches...

Foggy morning at the Brick Works

Photos taken by Ayokah Beauchamp




Collage,  stories,  the body 

all the things we do, are mediums

that hide and show what's hidden. 




excerpt from Rumi

collage by deborah harris

image of sculpture by Rodin

Drawing a line on the floor

Which way is up?

The birth of language

This is the beginning of a new body of work showing in the Genesis Gallery at Arcturus

where we are exploring the universal language of gesture found in the expressions of hands.

walking on clouds


How can a wet slab of sidewalk contain the sun and sky and all the branches of a tree? It seems to be a doorway into another world that we need only step into. 


Happy Valentine's Day

The Language of Objects

petal   boot   shadow   wrench

     each word has such a different weight

each makes a different sound when it falls to the ground

landing softly or with a heavy thud or metallic clang

words call meaning to them

and speak for us. 


The Language of Gesture

7th Century Japanese Scroll

Hand photos taken by Ayokah Beauchamp and Sae Kimura

Billboard at College and Elizabeth St.

Slippery When Wet!

Weather is always a surprise and sometimes, like yesterday evening, it transforms something we see as ordinary and even dreary

into a magical crystalized landscape.

The Travelers










The Travelers  Part II


Notes on a string

A musical score composed in Japan.

Still in the engine room

Around the table we meet to converse and collage and share coffee. 

New friends can be found here.

Welcome to the 'engine room' (where things get started)

This is just one corner of the basement studio where visitors are welcome to come and see the abundance of work 

that is created here, a treasure trove of paintings, collage, sculpture and found objects enough to inspire any imagination. 

So many I's

'Constructing an Identity' is the name of the body of work by Eron Boyd now showing in the collage gallery.

This quote by C.S. Lewis and miniature sculpture 

seems to describe something of that search for ' I '.