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And He Danced by the Light of the Moon

Too Much Housework

Cool in the Shade Warm in the Sun

                                                                                                 An autumn story

Inside the Chambers of the Heart

light enters

Towards a full moon

Co-Ordinated Chaos

A Fugue in Three Parts

Our New Website is Live!


Many thanks to Gerry Valentino our web-site builder

In the Water, On the Earth, In the Air

A Different Canvas

A Memory of Light

A Mysterious Opening

Speaking with Turquoise

Look Up!

                                                    Eric McConnachie paints the weather

One Thing We Know the Other is a Question

Art Makes Sense in the Context of Life

Pulling Together All The Pieces

Colour Turned Upside Down

Not Just Hanging...






..a new installation in the collage gallery.

Making Sense of the Unexpected

Priming the Railing

Who Let These Guys Out?

                                                                                                                Have a good weekend

A Frog in Fishnet Stockings

A Shadow Parade

Collaging the Wave

An Open Book and the Tooth Fairy

Too Much Working at the Computer Today and Too Much Fly!

Weather's Palette a Worn Facade

Dancing on the Head of a Pin

Pink Rising

Pink Floyd

View From the South Shore

These collages were sent to us by our comrade collage artist Vivian Felsen.

We miss working with her in person but we appreciate any and all communication.

Life as a Musical

Laying a Path

A Visit to the Stone Yard









What has weight and gravity


a history more ancient


than our fleeting existence


polished smooth by eons of friction


something which does not disappear

Slaying Dragons

Gazing Into the Unknown


...meeting on the landing

You Can't Be It and See It

All you need is a cardboard box

Watching You Watching Me

Looking for children's books today we found 'The Tea Party in the Woods' by Akiko Miyakoshi.

The similarity to yesterdays 'Ancestors' is striking. They seem to be looking at each other.

Scrutinized by the Ancestors

This is what happens when we work together

Windows are the Eyes

The immense satisfaction of polishing the glass until it disappears

when the outside shines inside

the two become one


Floyd is Back


After many months of isolation Floyd appeared today sitting across from the gallery.

We had our first visit six feet apart. Much laughing together and story telling, from him.

Constructing Space

Each Piece Makes the Whole

It's A Dog's Life

Feet Planted, Head Turning in Too Many Directions

Every Which Way

Opening Windows

A Change of Palette and Presence

To be visited at the very top of the ascending gallery

Trying to Navigate a Puddle

The Many Moods of Friday

Shaping Light and Space

Liberating Whale






Today we took 'whale' off of its stretcher.


The stretcher resembles some kind of strange skeleton.


Seeing it leaning against the wall it became potential


for something other, a new form to inhabit.


The Memory of a Journey

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"

 Lyrics from Leonard Cohen, Anthem

Sometimes what has been created ends in destruction

Looks Like Good Conversation

A Story in Three Parts...Half Full and Half Empty

A Visit to the Farm

Riverdale Farm in the heart of the city.

Building a Tree House

Stopping to Watch the Clouds Go By

Finding a Way to be Together After a Long Absence








Vivian Felsen















Vivian Felsen






Sae Kimura











deborah harris













Eron Boyd


Swinging Gently Under the Tree Tops

Trying to stay cool

A Sudden Downpour

Not Quite Harmonious

Visited by a Living Puppet

Heat Rising

                                                                                                         Trying to find a bit of shade

Collaging Together on Our First Day Back

The Magic of Mirrors

                                                                     Looking at what's behind me in the collage gallery.

Simple fun is the best










floating balls


A struggle to get through to open sky



No sky

but a path

and a place to sit

Collage in the Time of Corona















During these past three months Eron Boyd has been

unusually prolific creating collages. It is this work

that we have chosen to be the reopening exhibit in the

Collage Gallery. It will be available to view as of this

Tuesday June 30.


Good News

Today we had our first meeting with everyone at the gallery to discuss when we will reopen.

It was decided that next Tuesday June 30 we will be our first day back.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you sometime soon.

If any of you would like to come at a time when you could be assured of having the space to yourself

we would be happy to be here at 11am for you.

Eric at his Studio Up North

From His Studio Up North

Painted sketches by Eric McConnachie

 New work in the Up North Gallery

Creating the Subject for a Painting

In the corner of the Genesis Gallery

Three Dimensional Collage

In the presence of green

Today we moved the plants from the east genesis gallery to the upstairs library.

In this different space each plant became revealed again

unique and exquisitely beautiful 

their energy surprising and overwhelming

quiet and contained.

They know how to be what they are.



Cleaning Day

Today the sky was high, the wind was strong, the air was fresh.


It may not be possible to bring order to the world but we can clean and order our own environment.


The act of cleaning is physical it pulls us into our body and quiets the mind.


At the end of the day there is real satisfaction. This was today.

Heat Inside and Out

Trying to Keep the Appearance of Calm

Hard to Comprehend

puddles and clothespins

scissors and cups

holding together

cutting apart

as different as coffee and tea

reflecting choice

Stop and Go

Challenged to be an Individual

 Collages by Eron Boyd

Who Is Being Hurt?

 A question to ponder

A Bit Scary to See Through Today's Lens


The Day After The Day Before (we missed the day between)

Just Landed in Tropical Heat Wave

Sunny Skies, Underwrap and Stacked

Still, no way in.

The Rhinos Are Out!

A Little Bit Out A Little Bit In

Things are Looking Up


Collages by Eron Boyd

A Sense of Space