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Seeing something in the distance

                                                          Seeing close up


we may try to predict its expression
to hide from it inside cool or warm spaces
but eventually we step outside of our own creations and risk
being surrounded by something bigger something unwieldy
how we move through that atmosphere
sense it, welcome it,
disagree and complain
agree and receive direction

we cannot change the way the wind blows.


Two Sides of the Same Story

From the Stairwell to the Gallery

Artists Together








We at the gallery, Sae, Floyd, Vivian


and deborah have been drawing


together using copies of paintings by


the masters as our shared subject.


Picasso, Modigliani and  Francis Bacon


are the originators of these works. We


challenge ourselves to complete a


drawing in approximately 5 minutes. It


is an extraordinary way to enter into


their work and to see how each of us


interprets the work in such different


ways, ways that make every drawing



Today we welcome our two friends from France... Welcome!

Making progress but somewhat slowwwwly

Waiting for the week to end

It has been a very good week

but too far from familiar.

Today The Three Girls Go To The Water Park




The Three Girls ready for take-off.







Drains in the sky.









Shadows in the sand.









Children in paradise.













Wonder Woman.

Building a Place To Be

                                                                           The beauty of simple shapes and balance

Waiting for the Parade

To and From / Arrivals and Departures

 Going towards Ward's Island from the city harbour                                                                                          Returning to the city from Ward's Island



                                                                  Sun and Moon are passing figures of countless generations                                                     

            and days coming and going wanderers too.

              Each day is a journey and the journey itself home.



Flying through Water, Swimming through Air

Floyd Kuptana's most recent sculpture.

Folded Paper

The Book of Shows Past



Every year at this time I am asked to write a summary of all the exhibits that have happened in that year.

I try to remember just how each show has evolved from the previous one. I am reminded of the continuity leading to

this moment now. It is a challenge to return to the past but a good way to enter into the present.

It's a long ride from Japan to Toronto..

Inside the plane, trying to be comfortable,

Sae's mom has a cup of tea.

All Things Growing

      A visit today to Allen's Gardens

Artists Reunion

Working together again after time away

it's a good way to find out who we are


Preparing for Visitors

Keeping an Eye on the Girls

                   Eron is often the only guy at the collage table

                   an interesting challenge

                                                                                               that I think he enjoys

If it Keeps Raining...

                                                                                    ...Plans for the Ark

The Trojan Horse

How did this mysterious horse enter into the city

resembling the legendary Trojan horse

with the scaffolding of its making still in place

a painting of the Greeks before they hid inside merges with Sae's photo

a magical meeting of  gestures

                             Trojan Horse

    by French artist Jean Guillaume Moitte  1790

             drawing with ink and guache

Hiding in Plain Sight - A Weekend Retreat

Knock, knock, who's there?


Fragments of images

from other times, other places

gestures recognizable, interchangeable

placed to alter each other's stories,

complete an incompleteness.


Unexpected meetings

surprise us to look.


...but feeling lucky

Have a Weekend


The Expression of Today

Working from Home

Sending Letters to the Ancestors

Our Latest... art storage solutions and spring installation

Three Sisters

Will the real Modigliani please stand up.

We Have Lift-Off

You are most cordially invited to attend...

                                         We are also showing photographic work in the Up North and Ascending Galleries from previous exhibitions.


sHAPed bY tHe sPacE

After a week of working in the stairwell

up and down a hundred times

we are looking something like this!

Climbing to the Top

Today we finished putting up the photographic work in the Ascending Gallery all the way to the fourth floor.

We purchased a new extension ladder which allowed us to reach the ceiling (with some difficulty).

Ed helped with his long reach and between the three of us we got it done.

Sae's mobile is a permanent fixture in the stairwell. It seems to float and dance between the pieces.

All and all it is a magical space.


The photographs shown are by Simeon Posen

with the two middle framed pieces in the roof space by Elaine Ling and Pamela Williams

Stop and Go

The Past and Present Meet


The reflective quality of glass is that it brings another layer to the underlying image,

in this case it allows the viewer, Sae,  to enter into  the past.


A Tall Small Room

                                                                                  Looking Down / Looking Up

                                                                    Today's Second Installation for the next exhibit 'Photographic Memory'

Chas and Dog Pat



This is the first piece to be installed in our next exhibit  'PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY'.

The next week will be a bit of a marathon to get ready for the May 11 reception.

You are invited to attend or to visit our website where the exhibition will be documented.



Steps Away From Crossing Over

                                                  Alex in Hamilton                    Della Hayward 's painting now hanging in the library at Arcturus

Sitting in the Library Warmed by the Sun

Follow the Angle


Today Sae'n'I' were re-hanging the collage gallery with new work.

Hammer, pins, transparencies are the tools we use.

These photos were taken during the process.

What is interesting is the way in which these images are composed.

The angles as they repeat and move seamlessly from one frame to the next.

Seen together they reveal something of the mysterious patterns of perception.

Returning to life


The Story Lives When We Remember

Protecting the Space


We usually think of filling the space,

something we all know how to do

but space may be the most valuable and rare treasure we have

not for what we can put in it but for the experience

of simply being in it.

Good Day Sunshine

Good day sunshine,
Good day sunshine,
Good day sunshine.
I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about,
I feel good, in a special way.
I'm in love and it's a sunny day.

Echoes, the colour of sound singing

Unpacking the weekend


All the things I want to do

and don't want to do

all stacked up around me...


some thing will call

louder than the rest

that's the one I'll answer to



Cockle-Doodle Doo!

                                           A friendly wake-up call. Spring has been sleeping too long.

Alleluia Chorus

Sae'n'I - In the same dream


These two collages were done on two separate days.

The one in the foreground is by Sae Kimura

the ghostly figure in the background is by me, deborah harris.

We made the each of their surrounding space transparent and overlapped them,

making them appear to walk together.

They seem to describe something of our relationship.

"Do You Want to Say Anything?"




                                                                                          Have a good weekend

                                                                                                                         (It's bit of an uphill climb)


'Merrily We Roll Along'


Balancing the Ball

The Path Between

Spring Cleaning


                             Such a  privilege to care for a small piece of earth and watch it come to life each spring.



Life Is Many Layered

A picture is worth a thousand words

Tuning to Spring


                                                                                     a high pitched wake up call


Colour is in the Air...

... whispering a promise of warm

In the Queue



Today the Reference Library was having a used book and magazine sale. The collage artist's dream is to scrounge through such a sale and find hidden gems. Eron and Sae met there and were shocked by the line-up circling the building. It is a strange phenomena, lining up for something that you want. The longer you wait the more you want the reward of waiting and the harder it is to leave the line, to quit, to give up on your wanting.  Knowing when to quit is a useful lesson to learn in any situation. It is not always a failure to walk away. It can be that it allows us to proceed with something other.



A Birthday Wish in 3 Dimensions

This is where I want to be tonight

A Creative Response

Vivian Felsen's miniature collage response to the new exhibition

and Sae Kimura's response to her response on the top of the mylar display.

As the Sun Sets...

... the strands of shredded paper surrounding Jeremy Gordaneer's sculpture,

part of the new exhibition entitled  'i t ' s   c o m p l i c a t e d ' ,

catch the last rays of light.

Towards the Light...


...can sometimes be an uphill climb of ferocious effort

a fullness and an emptiness on either side of gravity

wanting both but succumbing to the dictates of the moment

we do the best we can.


Question without an answer

Somewhere spring is waking

                                                                             Odawara Kanagawa Japan

                                                                                                  Last day of February 2019

Waiting for a Different Bus


How many same buses must pass           before a different bus comes.

In the Ruins of History...

                                                                                                                                                     ...perhaps a clue

Looking for a map to help us find our way





Sometimes what we are looking for               is too close to see.

Seen from Above...

...the world is very small

Not Too Far From the Maddening Crowd


                                            Twenty minutes, give or take, from the city center is Riverdale Farm.

Learning from those who love winter


                                                                                                          In the valley of  Riverdale Hill,

                                                                                                              dogs and their people.

Full Moon Rising


                                                                                        and I'm in a tea-cup.



A Fish Out of Water...








                         might learn to fly





           a seed fallen

           between the cracks  

           might,  against all odds






                      Imagination touches the edge of what is known and gives form to what is otherwise elusive.

Love is in the Eye of the Beholder

Happy Valentines Day

Either Side of the Door

Today was Declared a Snow Day

Continuing with the Momentum of Change


                                       Ripping up and moving forward.

Order Invites Beauty

                                                                            A space we want to work in.

Real Life is Often Better than Fantasy

Chaos Comes Before Order


Today was spent going through art storage and studio in an attempt to find and re-order space.

It is a daunting task which we had enormous success with (even if it does not appear so).

We will continue tomorrow...

Introducing our latest video... Counting on a Miracle

The Poetry of Objects


                                                              ...each one precariously supported by the other.

Windows of Ice






                                            "Do you have something to say?"









Still in the Midst of the Storm

You are Invited

Trying for Exactness



                                Working on invitations is exciting and very satisfying, when they are finally complete.

                                But the process takes time and there is an exhausting search for perfection.

                                Fine tuning the colour, the type, the composition to represent the artist's work.

                                The most difficult is getting the placement right for double-sided printing.

                                That is a bit crazy making.


'What Are We Waiting For?


The unexpected guest,

the weather to change,

inspiration, invitation, exhaltation.

The perfect circumstance

to surround us with abundance.

The strength to keep waiting.



This is part of the new exhibition showing five paintings by E.J. Gold from our permanent collection.

The Show Must Come Down



                       The process of taking down a show always allows for another seeing of it or seeing it anew.

                        There is both a sadness and an excitement. Sadness that what was will not be again and

                         excitement for the unexpected surprise of what comes next.



Over and Under