A Visit from George

Surfing the Big Wind

Collage by Eron Boyd

Cows and Flowers

Cat Watching


finding circles

From the Library

                                            The spring rays of sunshine through the library windows

A Bit of a Whirlwind Day

When the three of us get together this is what it looks like!




The Mad Hatters Tea Party

Stacking and Racking

Different Views Same Path

Sanctuary for the living


Animals keep us sane



Collages by deborah harris

From dust to dust


A Perfect Winter Day

Two sides of the same coin

Paul Gauguin

Collage by deborah harris                             Collage by Sae Kimura

Yesterday Sae and I (deborah) took on the challenge to interpret the Gauguin painting in collage. We sat at the same table but did not see each others work til we were finished.

Surprisingly each of us had focused on

opposite aspects of the painting, background and foreground.  We were curious to see how they merged.  The results are shared here.


Mysteriously Compelling

Broken but mending

we demand so much from our bodies in all that we do

expecting they will follow our command

but sometimes they rebel and declare themselves wounded

we are surprised to find ourselves embraced by limitation

and the need to obey.

Holding on to Something

Happy Valentine's Day!

The creatures we create

Singing in the Rain

Two Sides to Every Story

After the Weekend


This is our latest video from the online collage workshop...#17. Enjoy!

Full Moon is on Her Way

Arrives Sunday 1:28pm

Cold with a hint of spring


Looking at the world through a different filter

Cranberry Muffin Day

Dry Ingredients;

2 cups almond flour

1 tsp baking soda

3 tblsp buckwheat flour


Wet Ingredients

1/2 cup olive oil

2 bananas

2 eggs

Stir dry and wet together  (bananas and eggs have been blended separately) and add 1 cup cranberries. Bake in 350 oven til done.

She is grateful for the snow

Soft Landing


Consider: To fix the mind on, with a view to a careful examination; to think on with care; to ponder; to study; to meditate on; to observe and examine; to regard with pity or sympathy; to have regard or respect for; to think seriously, maturely, or carefully; to reflect upon


Sending Our Prayers on the Wind

drawing room

We have just added these drawings by David Sapp to the Drawing Room Gallery on the third floor of Gallery Arcturus.

Catching the Last Rays

On a Mission

Collage by deborah harris


In a city of grey... the search for colour

Somedays what you want to accomplish just doesn't happen

Collage by Eron Boyd

Girls just wanna have fun

Trying to Understand

Two Hours

Paper and Glue

Ninety-nine Sitting Birds on a Wire

Ninety-nine sitting birds on a wire,

ninety-nine birds on a wire.

If one of those birds should happen to fly...

Ninety-eight sitting birds on a wire.


Change happens one bird at a time.

A Gift of Light To You

In Illo Tempore by Ana Maria Pacheco

A blessing upon this table and the food it shares


the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year

Giddyup and Go

Upwards and Onwards

Collage by Eron Boyd
Collage by Eron Boyd

The sky spills onto the sidewalk and freezes there

Swinging Into Winter

Cold Blue



Full Moon



An Example of Opposite

Pen and Ink Day

Unlocking Creativity

Blocks and sandbags

In A Fog

Seeing what is close to me but not what is far away.

Morning Mist

Trying to Feel Where Am I

Collage by Eron Boyd


Pulled Backwards Through Time

Leaving Japan 6:30pm Thursday and arriving Toronto 4:30pm Thursday!!!

Winter has Arrived

Coming and Going

Glass Beach and Wet Leaves


Moon eclipse


Collage by deborah harris

Poised and Paused

Fall flowers shrine


Sky, Sea and Sand

                                                                             Odawara Beach, Japan



On the verge of the unexpected

A Path Invites Us To Follow



Between the Worlds

Time is when things happen

Time has a face and no hands

it is a landslide

In the body its words are out of print, forgotten,

in the memory it is walking on soft pause.


Getting Ready to Fly

We realize that many or most of our blogs are somewhat mysterious in their meaning. We hope that this allows you the viewer to imbue it with your own interpretation. This particular image represents Sae's immanent departure for a one month visit to her home in Japan. We will continue to

work together on the blog and Sae will sometimes send photos from Japan that we can share here. 


"Itterasshai Sae."

Still in the waiting room but on the way out...

In the Cycle of Trees, Lords of Rings

Spring, summer, fall, winter, is one cycle.
 Every cycle they add another growth ring.

Reading the cups

Could be 'Floating'

When we put up a group of collages, all done together on the same day, we look to see what the

common denominator is. It is not usually apparent in the first quick view but as we sit with

the images we find something that is true. In these works we began by observing Eron's collage 

(the one in the middle). It appeared obvious that the characters were floating. That fact helped us to look at both Sae's and mine (deborah's) to see if that applied and it did. The first collage on the left has no reference to ground and seems to be floating in the larger white space. Sae's (on the far left) has a shadow beneath the bowl like form but that could easily be floating upon water.

Perhaps, the title  'Floating' invites us to see each piece differently.

GiNgER rHIno

Just use your imagination

Afternoon coffee with the beloved

Going in /Coming out

On the Threshold

                                         ... a beautiful surprise.

Not a simple story

Between black and white

darkness and light

unimpeded movement

and despair