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Spinning Towards the Present

Travelling Into the Past

We've Got the Second Hand Blues

the sound of one hand clapping


Call to Duty

What side of the bars am I on at any given day?

And why, I wonder, must I feel cornered before I can even know what skill or effort 

it is possible for me to make.


Life calls us to attend to life.


Family Reunion

An interesting cast of characters, four generations meeting for lunch.


Finding Language


It seems to me that language is as personal as perception. 

We can only describe what we know

and each of us must attempt to do that by whatever means we have available.

Creativity is an attempt to communicate. 



Inside the Room

tHe dePth of uNknowIng



Light and shadow create shapes

shapes create forms and landscapes

landscapes have roads that twist and curve and disappear into distances

and there is a sense that someone is watching all this

an observer who wonders and  sometimes questions

what is this all about? 


A Place I Want to Go To

Acts I , II and III

Three Days to Get Through



Meet you again on Tuesday.



Trying to Find the Line



Like blades of grass

to many to focus on a single one

a storm threatening but not arriving

beginnings but no completions

the line is there

but cannot be grasped

   just that kind of day. 


Finding a Rock

Today we went on a road trip 

to the Sculpture Supply Center 


To find a rock for Floyd to carve.

Stay tuned to see what emerges.



The Three Muskateers (in disguise)

Becoming the Space Between...

...I meet the centre

Leaning Towards the Center


Side by side

each coming from the opposite direction  

we come to know the centre as it is contained 

in the space between.




Today's Theatre



a box

tall enough to stand inside

one open pink umbrella for the roof

a lizard, a parrot, two giraffes and a bear


and no idea!

A Different Saturday Outing



                      We invite you to come to the reception for this exhibit this Saturday, July 14, from 2pm to 5pm 

Sorry, but today we're just exhausted

Opening a Box of Colour

Caprese Salad

Friends and Artists Together




Today was a day of many layers

laughter and tears

under a dark cloud

under a bright cloud

all of us around the table 

Eron, Vivian, deborah, Sae,

sitting, standing and dropping to our knees.

The Depth of Language



Each word is shaped by the meaning that it holds.

A word has a weight and a form.   

It can be obscure or transparent.

With curiosity it is possible to see into it and sense its many lifetimes.


 A word rarely stands alone but reflects the context in which it is placed.


Words are vehicles of travel 

carrying us towards understanding.

Ruled by Weather


"I have the ball"






Mood Indigo




sultry and passionate

From One to Many

Where's the Parade?

Looking for and Finding



'C U S T O D I A N S' is the new exhibit in the Collage Gallery.

The Colour of a Question



In asking a question, with no immediate answer, we enter into a place of unknown possibility.

In asking a question, with no immediate answer, the question may lead us home.


All the World's a Stage

And all the men and women merely players...



A Symphony of Lines

Moved by Light and Each Other

In Different Places Under the Same Sky

A Place to Sit


There are times when I have been given to

and there are times when I have the impulse to give

both in receiving and in giving 

trust is the inspiration.


The Language of Friends

Taking Each Other for a Walk

Carrying our Prayers Heavenward


This line of prayer flags had fallen from where they were strung, onto the ground beneath.

A squirrel came, stuffed the one end into its mouth and carried it through two backyards, 

up into the tree where it has its home. There they are, still hanging.



Repetitive and Random



Most of what I do in my life is repetitive. 

I learn from what I repeat, when I am able to observe. 

And life itself supplies the random, the unexpected, even the unwelcome. 

Those are the challenges I react or respond to.

Somehow it's all right here, even while I look for something more.

Asking to be with myself


                                                                                            ...is an opening

You seeing me seeing you

                                      a mutual regarding

Just Looking for a bit of Shade


A fish in a bowl is totally dependent on us for its survival.

It can endure our neglect for a surprisingly long time 

but also it can revive dramatically with care and attention.

It is possible for us to have relationship with every creature

when we recognize it as living.






Walking Away from the Week

Waiting for the Light to Change

Before the Wind Makes a Wish

The Next Move

Between Inside and Out


there is a cloud of unknowing

and in the splitting of the tree

new life growing.



Lost on the Street

Today Sae 'n' I ventured out onto the street, far from our stomping grounds, looking to find who know's what. 

We took with us a CONTACT map and gallery names but never found any.

The bus was crowded and hot and we couldn't remember where we were or why we were there.

Sometimes everything we need is right in front of us. 

Returning to our familiar was a great relief.

Finding the Rabbit (today's hunt for inspiration)

...not the rabbit!

Shining a Light


...on the seriousness of work

We are calling this door Friday...



...and it opens to the weekend

An Open Handed Gesture


Ready to receive what comes

and what falls away


Finding the Path

Now What?



After working towards the completion of a body of work

and the opening which follows

there is often a dry patch

when there seems to be no direction.

This is today.



Closing the Gap



                                                         When we close the gaps we alter the landscape.



Cropped Short Stories



                Black Dog


               Red Foot Pigeon Theatre



                  and Guernsey Cow








     Coming soon to a gallery near you!



             Gallery Arcturus

                        Show Time             

        Saturday May 5, 2  - 5pm

           Seats still available

The Tools of the Trade



Today Sae 'n I spent all day hanging what is to be 'her show'.

It was very finicky work and exhausting.

We should finish tomorrow.

It will be beautiful!



All the Better to See You With



              This is a small glimpse into the space where Marina Hashemi is exhibiting her collages:- Anatomy of a Soul



Trusting the Other


In a collaboration each participant  is moved by the other,

quite literally they are each mobilized by a recognition 

of potential to create something of beauty and perfection.

Collaboration requires heart and seeing. 

It is always surprising and its essence is joy.


Sensing the Arrival of Green

Up Coming Event


Marina writes: "'Anatomy of a Soul' was born out of solitude and self reflection.

The skeleton is a form that supports and moves me through life.

My intuition, which I rely on to be my sight and guiding light,

is felt deeply in my gut and pelvis, that is where I placed eyes.

My heart, an organ I associate with deep states of anxiety,

love, empathy - that is why I placed bursts of colour,

delicate butterfly wings and soft flower petals, in the chest. 

These are my first collages.

They document an exploration and discovery 

of what lives inside my soul." 



Brushes in Motion


Today's conversation between Floyd Kuptana and 'that woman' aka deborah harris

Trying not to be Grey

A Sliver of Blue

Pink Forecast

The Ice Queen Cometh

Enter the Space

Walking in the Rain

Artists Together



Floyd Kuptana and deborah harris have been collaborating together for many years.

His sculptures have inspired her drawings, collages, paintings

which have in turn inspired Floyd to expand his talents into drawing and painting.

This show documents their creative conversation to the present.





Mirror, mirror on the floor...

what was once in the ocean,

is found on the shore.


This installation ushers in a new exhibition, 

F e r o c i o u s   J o y 


This whale bone was found on the shores of Tuktoyaktuk, NWT in 1940,

  at the mouth of the MacKenzie River where it enters the Arctic Ocean.




Anyone for a cup 'a tea?

Propelled into Space

Puzzling the Pieces to Come Together


     Puzzle: To perplex or confuse;

     to discover or resolve by long


The Rhythm of Repetition



What happens to the creative process when we try to repeat or reproduce it?

We may find our self stuck in the same place just spinning our wheels.

Something we can also call habit.


The First Robin of Spring

The Story of Easter Begins

We Enter the Space...



and the space enters us

Artists Together



Today artists Vivian Felsen and Floyd Kuptana showed up at the gallery ready to paint.

They managed to entice deborah harris, in spite of her resistance, to join them.

These paintings are the result of the dialogue between them.

Kuptana and harris' work are Picasso inspired.



Against All Odds



Against all of our resistances,

justifications and reasons for why not,

some hidden, forgotten, longed for essence 


continues to be.



The Title Unknown



Trying to find the story 

as it enters from the outside in

If it comes in I will find it.

A moving stream full of images.

One floats to the surface and lets me catch it.

That one image holds a memory of the whole.

If I can begin with that slippery fish

it will lead me through to an ending.


It is always surprising 

and always known.





The ON Button is Pushed...





                                                                                                       ...and pointing up

Wondering Which Way to Go



Sometimes, but almost never

we touch what we desire.


excerpt from 'Robert Frost at Eighty' by Peter Boyle



Returning to One




 Something rich comes from our conversations 

that I take home with me to ponder.



An Agreement to be Moved


Sometimes we cannot initiate. 

Sometimes we do not want to do what we are asked to do,

or we cannot decide what of all the things we think we must do

that we can do.

We are surrounded by movement. 

Simple, mundane tasks require our attention.

They insure that we continue to engage. 

We must only agree.


Moving from Chaos to Order

Hanging by a thread...

...turning to face the now.

A stroke of the hand...

                                                                                                                                                   grass in the wind

Playing a Song of Green



"Greensleeves was all my joy

Greensleeves was my delight

Greensleeves was my heart of gold

And who but my lady Greensleeves."

Ed and Gina Go to the Theatre


I asked him, "What kind of day do you think it is today?"

And he answered, "A little bit flat but friendly."


And so I thought maybe it looks like this.



A Gift of Flowers


The Collage and E.J Gold Gallery have joined the present show 'In Memory of Spring'

with what is being called -   'A Delicate Response'

One Step at a Time

The day began 

stepping on my own toes

but slowly the steps became more sure

more steady and evenly paced

one step following the next.

A Shadow Map

Enter at Your Own Risk