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Finding Home


How much further must we go?





It's a Matter of Scale


An immensity of blue

small enough to fit in our mouth

or to hold in our hand.

An immensity,

too vast to comprehend

  and yet infinitesimal 

                                                                                             in our sight



New Life



                                                                    Moving from the darkness towards the light


Sculpted by the Weather

Indigo Dream


Watching the snow melt.



Working from home 

seeing the familiar in an unfamiliar way,

through the camera's lens and Sae's eyes.

                                                                                    They are windows too. 


                                                                                   Another benefit of home.                                                                         

Don't Touch



Sometimes we have to wear armour,

spikes and thorns pointing out,

to protect the soft inside.

Today is a prickly day.

Many Hands Make Light Work




We can do things more quickly and easily when we work together.

Today we were four working together.

These are two examples by Eron Boyd (top)


Vivian Felsen (lower)



As the Moon Wanes


The moon tonight may appear as full 

but its face has begun to move into shadow.

An almost imperceptible turning

we sometimes look up to see. 




Into the Deep



Blowing bubbles 

like small moons rising from the deep.

Feet fluttering to propel

a slow motion turning 

along the ocean floor. 




Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Rising!

Far From the Maddening Crowd



Very close to the gallery is another world,

a lush tropical world,

separated from the outside

just by a layer of glass. 

It's Your Move

The Beauty of Cold

Today is a poem

written in shadows.

Lines which speak of roots and cracks.

Ice a broken voice 

waiting to be fluid.

For now content with silence.

Just Out of Reach



How can we touch something which is floating?

It can be like a question which is not easily answered.

But even the asking inspires us to stretch our understanding.


Looking at life from both sides



Looking from one side I think that is all there is to see. 

But life itself keeps turning,

rising and falling with the tides. 

Through time I may receive the possibility of seeing from the other side,

a picture of the world,

more expansive and complex than anything I could have imagined.


Somewhere in between

is looking.

I could play with you but I don't wanna

well maybe just one touch

Theatre of Opposites

We are back in the saddle...

                                                                      ...coming out of the tunnel.



Shadows in a Rice Field




There is a story whispered here

stillness and movement

coming towards and going away 

from the one who stands watching



The Fish Has Flown

Looking to Get Hooked

somewhere it is spring

Deerly Beloved


We are gathered here to remember our roots and our gentle nature.

Happy New Year

Gone Fishing


Regular schedule resumes January 16th but check here  for surprises.


Merry Christmas to All and To All A Good Night

From Ed our doorman and tour guide

and the motley basement crew, Eron, Mark, Sae and deborah

            we are wishing you a joyous holiday season.

I Wonder as I Wander

Today's youngest visitor 

learning to walk 

and explore

a whole new world. 

A Little in the Shadow A Little in the Light

ONe FoRty FivE


OnE ForTy FiVe...

a time (in the afternoon or morning)

an age!

an address (without the street name)

the number of buttons in a jar

the number of centimeters of a shorter than average person

the cost of a skill saw on sale at Canadian Tire

the size of a large herd of cows

five pennies short of three rolls

when the train departs

the page in the book facing  144


(and the number just below the very nice shoe).






Everything tells me Something


In this image I recognize the object to be a chair.

I know that it is sitting on a floor.


The wall behind tells me that I can not walk forward 

but must exit the space to the left or the right.


The shadows also tell me something of the space surrounding,

of its shape and where the light is coming from. 


And it can be said that the chair recognizes me.

It has been carefully crafted for a person, such as myself, to sit upon.


In this way I am welcomed to the space.  


Wondering Which Way is Up


What is it that allows us to know where we are?


Recognition: To know 


To recognize and be recognized.


Without that we are lost.




Footprints in the Snow

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It happened that while we were having our ongoing conversation

about this and that

and that and this,

the winter arrived

and settled all around us.



This sculpture can be seen in front of the Mars Medical Research Building

just south of College St. east of University Ave.

Confessions from the Work Place

This week began with a lot of unknowing 


 and ended with a little bit of floating.

Learning to Float is a Life Saver

    Please come to our holiday reception at Gallery Arcturus 

80 Gerrard St E., (Gerrard at Church St)  2:30 - 5 pm,

Saturday December 9, 2017

   All of our five gallery spaces will be open with new work

and yummies will be served.

Six Steps of Learning to Float



We are working on the exhibit 'Learning to Float'.

This is not necessarily referring to swimming or flying

but more as a way of being.

To do the work I am asked to be honest about my own experience.

I realized at this time floating seems impossible

but what if I have something to support me.

This piece is my way of teaching myself how to float.


Cradling the Egg

Hello December

                                    Twenty-five days til Christmas!

Inside the Prism

One and Many




Today nothing is lining up the way it should.

Impossible, it seems, to hold onto anything. 

Thoughts fly by like balls of light, 

 too fast to catch 

And should is just an empty word.


Perhaps lines can be stretched 

and holding released 

 if only for a moment

to float.



Can We See the Wind?



C.S. Lewis writes:-

"My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable spirit who reveals Himself 

in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind."



Towards Horizon's Line

Row, row, row your boat

Gently on the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.

Wrestling with Illusions of Grandeur

Sometimes I worry too much and think that I must be able to change the way things are.

I imagine that I am bigger and more important than I am.

This collage is a reminder of that illusion.

In and Out of Focus


We decided that what we want most today is to be able to focus on a single project and to see it proceed towards completion.

This photo is a perfect example of unfocused. It is also very beautiful and evocative because of its blurred edges and sense of movement. It is fun to see in many different ways, and to approach our projects from many different angles. That is creativity. 

Land Ahoy!


High strung and tangled

how to be in the ocean

on a ship    or   as a fish


wanting to  make it easier.

Wound up

in a tight ball 

wings humming

head  pointing

no feet for landing

no stopping 


up in the air.

Sharing the Job

When you hold the ladder

I can climb higher.


Standing in the middle of too many fragments

things begun but unfinished

what piece to pick up first 

where to direct attention

overwhelmed and wanting completion 

in some corner or other

standing in the middle...

still standing.

The First Glimpse of Winter

Inside the Story of Shmo

Today Sae sat in the library till the light grew dark

and worked on the illustrations for the story of Shmo.

This is Bonnie, my new best friend



I believe that animals bring us back to our senses. 




Somewhere Above the Tree Line


somewhere above the tree line

a lone cow

a ladder

and a place to wait

A Little Bit Tangled in the Branches


The darkness and light

seemingly in equal proportion 

and somewhere between 

carried by an unseen force

a line of colour. 


Looking to See What's Ahead

Returning with a Memory of Saguaro


Having made a brief trip to Tuscon for the weekend to visit with a friend 

and wondering how does the experience of a place and time faraway 

shape the here and now?

This is the answer today.


Prowling Towards Halloween


Today we are reassembling frames and stretching canvas over them making beautiful forms to paint on. The process requires attention, evenness of strength and exactness. Making them our selves feels very different from buying them ready made. There is a sense of satisfaction in the form itself.


We have not even considered the paintings which may appear on them.

A Story of What Was


 A story of what was 

incomplete but beautiful. 

A small finding and curiosity

makes us look further, 

collecting the fragments

and piecing them together 

into something

which resembles the whole. 



Music to Look At

You are invited...

f i N d i n g  f o r m


c L i m b i N g  L a d d E r s


Saturday October 21,

2:00 - 5:00 pm

Works by allen egan, jeremy gordaneer,

camie geary-martin,

sae kimura, eron boyd, deborah harris

Building a Painting

It is very different experience making installations with forms and then trying to paint or draw them.

I would say that the act of painting is one of seeing and it allows us to discover something new.

It is a way of engaging with the forms in the intimate and also limited, space of the canvas. 

Something of a conundrum. 

A Work In Progress


Today Vivian, Sae and deborah started painting using the installations            in the gallery as their subject. This is Vivian's beginning,

to be continued... 


On The Path Forward

Higher Up and Farther In

It's the Weekend... Let's Kick Up Our Heels

Finding Form and Climbing Ladders


What was once a railing has become a ladder.

A bridge between earth and sky.


Close Up and Far Away


We can easily make the close up, such as this screen disappear, just by focusing on what is distant. It is fun to experiment with all the different ways we can look at our surroundings and to notice the habitual ways we have of seeing. I have noticed that whenever I change my perspective new possibilities open up that I could not have imagined before. 


It Looks Like Someone Dropped the Bag

And it all unraveled after that...



                              This was the feeling today, 

                                                                               too many loose end




From All of Us to All of You...!

A Kiss


In the dream world the canary and the fish can meet

an unexpected moment of surprise and delight

when one swims away from the many

or sits outside of the cage.


Red Foot Pigeon Theatre

One Crust Eleven Birds Not Sharing


                 The stage is set...


  Enter the birds.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Exit the Birds.


The Crust is Gone.





New Beginnings

In the process of 'f i n d i n g   f o r m', the exhibit now in the Genesis Gallery on the main floor, we introduced 'the egg' as a form which perfectly contains potential. This form has become the central theme in the Collage Gallery which we began hanging today. This exhibit is entitled 'e g g x a g e r a t e d  p o t e n t i a l'

and these are two of the new pieces.




This baboon skull was found in Africa some forty years ago.

The circular form is an ostrich egg shell.

They are now part of the exhibit entitled  'f i n d i n g  f o r m'

and can be seen in the Genesis Gallery at Arcturus.



Seeing Through Reflections

                                  Hard to know which way is which.

Small and Perfect

Little/Little turns one today. Happy Birthday Little/Little.  xxoo

The Up North Gallery has moved into fall...

These painted sketches are done by Eric McConnachie of the lands and sky surrounding his home in Haliburton. 

The sculpture is by Susan Valyi wearing a mask by Sae Kimura.

The egg in the box is an introduction to the next Collage Gallery exhibition.

Holding Possibility


Ideas float towards us 

from outside in. 

They enter if there is space to be received.




On Loan

This collage was made at the collage workshop on Saturday past by Petrea Hansen. Unfortunately for her but fortunately for us it was too big for her to take it home on that day. Consequently, we have become the temporary custodians and are able to appreciate it while it waits to be picked up.

The Show Must Go On


 Today we are feeling a bit like the three stooges

a little slap-stick. a little sleepy,

                                                                                           but still in sync.


       Curly, Larry and Moe

In the House

A House to Carry



This house began as a collage (shown in our August 29 blog) Sae began building it as a three dimensional form on the same day that I was introduced to the painting (shown in detail below), by Allen Egan. His painting is further inspiring its evolution.


What is a cloud?

soft, undefined,

constantly moving and changing shape

blurry around the edges

what is it not?

it is not something determined or decided

it is not focused or sharp


Today we have found ourselves somewhere inside a cloud

bumping around and sometimes into the other.


Portrait of the Day

                                      This is Bear.

                                      He is visiting with us while his family is away.

                                      Sae met him for the first time today

                                      and was inspired to make his portrait.

Counting Clouds

We welcome a new artist into the fold,

Allen Egan is the artist of these two new acquisitions,

which seem already to be part of the conversation begun here in August.

Allen was showing his very inspired work at the Cabbagetown Festival this past weekend. We are hoping for further collaboration. 


You can visit his web site eganacci.wixsite.com/allen-egan-paintings

Looking to the Other Side


A conversation between forms

Finding Form

Inside and Out



Welcome to the Secret Gallery


                        September has arrived and we are open again for what always feels like the beginning of a new year. 

Welcome to a secret garden

Hail, Hail, the Gang's all Here!


Our friend Ariel came to visit today

and we created a gang

to add to our theatre. 

The best thing about being together

is working together

and the surprise of what is created.

Meeting at the watering hole

This is the House that I Built



I have built my house

out of pieces of my life

old and new.

The pieces fit together

sometimes in strange ways

leaning a little to the left

or to the  right.


Behind the walls and windows

lives a theatre of characters,

performing a dramatic balancing act.






And in the basement

a shadow lurks

or simply looks

at what is there. 





The planets move and we too

are somehow

in the shadow of each other.

With a pen in my hand and a story on my lap


It seems

that the forms have sunk into the floor,

a quiet resignation

but all effort is striving upwards.

The Shape of Colour

opposites collaborate

Granting us an audience

We are in love.  

Watching this being move and surface, swim close and look unblinkingly at us inspires a long slow outbreath.   I guess we just can't help but tune ourselves to its rhythm,

unhurried, steady and perfectly content in the world that s/he is immersed in.  


           These turtles live in the ponds found at the Brick Works Conservation Area.

              An easy eight minute drive from the gallery.