A picture is worth a thousand words

Tuning to Spring


                                                                                     a high pitched wake up call


Colour is in the Air...

... whispering a promise of warm

In the Queue



Today the Reference Library was having a used book and magazine sale. The collage artist's dream is to scrounge through such a sale and find hidden gems. Eron and Sae met there and were shocked by the line-up circling the building. It is a strange phenomena, lining up for something that you want. The longer you wait the more you want the reward of waiting and the harder it is to leave the line, to quit, to give up on your wanting.  Knowing when to quit is a useful lesson to learn in any situation. It is not always a failure to walk away. It can be that it allows us to proceed with something other.



A Birthday Wish in 3 Dimensions

This is where I want to be tonight

A Creative Response

Vivian Felsen's miniature collage response to the new exhibition

and Sae Kimura's response to her response on the top of the mylar display.

As the Sun Sets...

... the strands of shredded paper surrounding Jeremy Gordaneer's sculpture,

part of the new exhibition entitled  'i t ' s   c o m p l i c a t e d ' ,

catch the last rays of light.

Towards the Light...


...can sometimes be an uphill climb of ferocious effort

a fullness and an emptiness on either side of gravity

wanting both but succumbing to the dictates of the moment

we do the best we can.


Question without an answer

Somewhere spring is waking

                                                                             Odawara Kanagawa Japan

                                                                                                  Last day of February 2019

Waiting for a Different Bus


How many same buses must pass           before a different bus comes.

In the Ruins of History...

                                                                                                                                                     ...perhaps a clue

Looking for a map to help us find our way





Sometimes what we are looking for               is too close to see.

Seen from Above...

...the world is very small

Not Too Far From the Maddening Crowd


                                            Twenty minutes, give or take, from the city center is Riverdale Farm.

Learning from those who love winter


                                                                                                          In the valley of  Riverdale Hill

Full Moon Rising


                                                                                        and I'm in a tea-cup.



A Fish Out of Water...








                         might learn to fly





           a seed fallen

           between the cracks  

           might,  against all odds






                      Imagination touches the edge of what is known and gives form to what is otherwise elusive.

Love is in the Eye of the Beholder

Happy Valentines Day

Either Side of the Door

Today was Declared a Snow Day

Continuing with the Momentum of Change


                                       Ripping up and moving forward.

Order Invites Beauty

                                                                            A space we want to work in.

Real Life is Often Better than Fantasy

Chaos Comes Before Order


Today was spent going through art storage and studio in an attempt to find and re-order space.

It is a daunting task which we had enormous success with (even if it does not appear so).

We will continue tomorrow...

Introducing our latest video... Counting on a Miracle

The Poetry of Objects


                                                              ...each one precariously supported by the other.

Windows of Ice






                                            "Do you have something to say?"









Still in the Midst of the Storm

You are Invited

Trying for Exactness



                                Working on invitations is exciting and very satisfying, when they are finally complete.

                                But the process takes time and there is an exhausting search for perfection.

                                Fine tuning the colour, the type, the composition to represent the artist's work.

                                The most difficult is getting the placement right for double-sided printing.

                                That is a bit crazy making.


'What Are We Waiting For?


The unexpected guest,

the weather to change,

inspiration, invitation, exhaltation.

The perfect circumstance

to surround us with abundance.

The strength to keep waiting.



This is part of the new exhibition showing five paintings by E.J. Gold from our permanent collection.

The Show Must Come Down



                       The process of taking down a show always allows for another seeing of it or seeing it anew.

                        There is both a sadness and an excitement. Sadness that what was will not be again and

                         excitement for the unexpected surprise of what comes next.



Over and Under

Picasso Thursday

Seeing from Every Angle

The Whole is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

These three collages were made into transparencies and placed one on top of the other, held over a light and photographed. There placement was not random. There were elements, curves, angles and perspectives in each which corresponded so perfectly as to make one wonder how such a thing is possible, considering that each was made independent of the other.



Expecting Snow

Cold Enough to See Your Breath

Winter Without Snow...


                                                                                ... shades of tarnished silver



Just in Time


Today was spent looking back in time,

using old photos to give us clues about the attitudes and experiences

of those who lived a very different reality than the one we know now.

The Little House that Could...

...be a shelter from the storm.

Guardians of the Space

Sharing Red


The Book of Eight


Today Sae received a book from a fellow artist and friend in Germany.

The above image is a page from the book entitled 'ACHT' translated it means EIGHT.

Below is Sae's collage response.

The Book of One

Cold and Bright/Sharp and Kind