A Shadow Map

Enter at Your Own Risk

And in my Heart...

Flowering in my Head


More than an idea.




Matthew Bates is the nephew of a dear friend of ours, Pete Corr,

who passed away this last week, February 15.

Matthew has been here from England for the last days of his uncle and after.

He has inspired the next show entitled 'In Memory of Spring'

and has left us with many of what he is calling ' floral sculptures'.

This is one of his first excursions into collage which will be part of the new work shown in the Collage Gallery.  

Sweet Remembering

Finding Home


How much further must we go?





It's a Matter of Scale


An immensity of blue

small enough to fit in our mouth

or to hold in our hand.

An immensity,

too vast to comprehend

  and yet infinitesimal 

                                                                                             in our sight



New Life



                                                                    Moving from the darkness towards the light


Sculpted by the Weather

Indigo Dream


Watching the snow melt.



Working from home 

seeing the familiar in an unfamiliar way,

through the camera's lens and Sae's eyes.

                                                                                    They are windows too. 


                                                                                   Another benefit of home.                                                                         

Don't Touch



Sometimes we have to wear armour,

spikes and thorns pointing out,

to protect the soft inside.

Today is a prickly day.

Many Hands Make Light Work




We can do things more quickly and easily when we work together.

Today we were four working together.

These are two examples by Eron Boyd (top)


Vivian Felsen (lower)



As the Moon Wanes


The moon tonight may appear as full 

but its face has begun to move into shadow.

An almost imperceptible turning

we sometimes look up to see. 




Into the Deep



Blowing bubbles 

like small moons rising from the deep.

Feet fluttering to propel

a slow motion turning 

along the ocean floor. 




Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Rising!

Far From the Maddening Crowd



Very close to the gallery is another world,

a lush tropical world,

separated from the outside

just by a layer of glass. 

It's Your Move

The Beauty of Cold

Today is a poem

written in shadows.

Lines which speak of roots and cracks.

Ice a broken voice 

waiting to be fluid.

For now content with silence.

Just Out of Reach



How can we touch something which is floating?

It can be like a question which is not easily answered.

But even the asking inspires us to stretch our understanding.


Looking at life from both sides



Looking from one side I think that is all there is to see. 

But life itself keeps turning,

rising and falling with the tides. 

Through time I may receive the possibility of seeing from the other side,

a picture of the world,

more expansive and complex than anything I could have imagined.


Somewhere in between

is looking.

I could play with you but I don't wanna

well maybe just one touch

Theatre of Opposites

We are back in the saddle...

                                                                      ...coming out of the tunnel.



Shadows in a Rice Field




There is a story whispered here

stillness and movement

coming towards and going away 

from the one who stands watching



The Fish Has Flown

Looking to Get Hooked

somewhere it is spring

Deerly Beloved


We are gathered here to remember our roots and our gentle nature.

Happy New Year

Gone Fishing


Regular schedule resumes January 16th but check here  for surprises.


Merry Christmas to All and To All A Good Night

From Ed our doorman and tour guide

and the motley basement crew, Eron, Mark, Sae and deborah

            we are wishing you a joyous holiday season.

I Wonder as I Wander

Today's youngest visitor 

learning to walk 

and explore

a whole new world. 

A Little in the Shadow A Little in the Light

ONe FoRty FivE


OnE ForTy FiVe...

a time (in the afternoon or morning)

an age!

an address (without the street name)

the number of buttons in a jar

the number of centimeters of a shorter than average person

the cost of a skill saw on sale at Canadian Tire

the size of a large herd of cows

five pennies short of three rolls

when the train departs

the page in the book facing  144


(and the number just below the very nice shoe).






Everything tells me Something


In this image I recognize the object to be a chair.

I know that it is sitting on a floor.


The wall behind tells me that I can not walk forward 

but must exit the space to the left or the right.


The shadows also tell me something of the space surrounding,

of its shape and where the light is coming from. 


And it can be said that the chair recognizes me.

It has been carefully crafted for a person, such as myself, to sit upon.


In this way I am welcomed to the space.  


Wondering Which Way is Up


What is it that allows us to know where we are?


Recognition: To know 


To recognize and be recognized.


Without that we are lost.




Footprints in the Snow

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It happened that while we were having our ongoing conversation

about this and that

and that and this,

the winter arrived

and settled all around us.



This sculpture can be seen in front of the Mars Medical Research Building

just south of College St. east of University Ave.

Confessions from the Work Place

This week began with a lot of unknowing 


 and ended with a little bit of floating.

Learning to Float is a Life Saver

    Please come to our holiday reception at Gallery Arcturus 

80 Gerrard St E., (Gerrard at Church St)  2:30 - 5 pm,

Saturday December 9, 2017

   All of our five gallery spaces will be open with new work

and yummies will be served.

Six Steps of Learning to Float



We are working on the exhibit 'Learning to Float'.

This is not necessarily referring to swimming or flying

but more as a way of being.

To do the work I am asked to be honest about my own experience.

I realized at this time floating seems impossible

but what if I have something to support me.

This piece is my way of teaching myself how to float.


Cradling the Egg

Hello December

                                    Twenty-five days til Christmas!