we circle round it, turn our faces towards it 

for warmth, for light, for the transformation of food. 

our first and ongoing necessity is to feed ourselves,

in times of abundance and scarcity.


hands collect the seeds, plant the seeds, care for their growth, harvest the crop 

hands build the fire, cook the food, hold it to our mouth to eat.


Sometimes through grace and effort we are able to amass a surplus

it is only then that we are afforded the possibility of reflection,

to consider our existence here on earth,

to observe what we have discovered and to share that knowledge with words.





A story of three









            The one who waits...








             The one who comes...








              The one who watches...

Foggy morning at the Brick Works

Photos taken by Ayokah Beauchamp




Collage,  stories,  the body 

all the things we do, are mediums

that hide and show what's hidden. 




excerpt from Rumi

collage by deborah harris

image of sculpture by Rodin

Drawing a line on the floor

Which way is up?

The birth of language

This is the beginning of a new body of work showing in the Genesis Gallery at Arcturus

where we are exploring the universal language of gesture found in the expressions of hands.

walking on clouds


How can a wet slab of sidewalk contain the sun and sky and all the branches of a tree? It seems to be a doorway into another world that we need only step into. 


Happy Valentine's Day

The Language of Objects

petal   boot   shadow   wrench

     each word has such a different weight

each makes a different sound when it falls to the ground

landing softly or with a heavy thud or metallic clang

words call meaning to them

and speak for us. 


The Language of Gesture

7th Century Japanese Scroll

Hand photos taken by Ayokah Beauchamp and Sae Kimura

Billboard at College and Elizabeth St.

Slippery When Wet!

Weather is always a surprise and sometimes, like yesterday evening, it transforms something we see as ordinary and even dreary

into a magical crystalized landscape.

The Travelers










The Travelers  Part II


Notes on a string

A musical score composed in Japan.

Still in the engine room

Around the table we meet to converse and collage and share coffee. 

New friends can be found here.

Welcome to the 'engine room' (where things get started)

This is just one corner of the basement studio where visitors are welcome to come and see the abundance of work 

that is created here, a treasure trove of paintings, collage, sculpture and found objects enough to inspire any imagination. 

So many I's

'Constructing an Identity' is the name of the body of work by Eron Boyd now showing in the collage gallery.

This quote by C.S. Lewis and miniature sculpture 

seems to describe something of that search for ' I '.

A long climb

To get from the bottom to the top we build stairs

objects and forms are shaped by necessity

Meeting someone from the past

All of the above collages began with a photocopy image of this photograph

'Portrait of a Young Writer" held in the archives of the Jewish Public Library in

Montreal. Each of us was inspired to enter into a relationship with the

original portrait and in the process of collage I think we all came to see and

appreciate the character even more.  As much as she has been transformed in

these works a strong trace of her remains.



Where are we?








Today we watched this little guy and wondered

is this a rabbit with cropped ears and long tail?

Squirrels are welcome here.


                                                        Today the sun is like the moon

                                                        the carpet is like the earth 

                                                        and the small cut paper is like a bird


                                                       And what of the lines running from side to side?


                                                       They are like the conversation between us

                                                       straight, unimpeded, true.




                                                        Today's photos taken by Ed Drass

Looking with eyes wide open

There and back again

A triad of opposites...


These three collages were done

at our first coming together again in the new year,






It is easy to see how each of the pieces are different

but can you also see the way in which they connect. 

Finding what it is that we share

is always a surprising example of communication.


Passing on the news

Are we willing to receive good news?

or to even consider the news we receive as good?

or more important can we be witness to what is happening

in order to learn about ourselves. 


On Martin Luther King's Day his niece wrote:  "I pray that all polar opposites learn to Agape Love, live and work together as brothers and sisters--- or perish as fools."

At the station

If only I had wings

  The popular name now for a Japanese kite is Tako -

  The symbol for tako is made from two characters :  凧

which means wind and

 which means piece of cloth.


put them together and you get the symbol for kite

a kite is a call to the wind
holding the string
we are lifted.


A conversation between us



On the bridge looking towards the hills

on the shore looking towards the bridge

sending a message

swift as the kite flies

View from my room

after the sake, after the champagne,
the day arrives, as it always does,
as it never does,
expected but unpredictable.

Lighting the way

On New Year's Eve we walked to the shrine closest to our home.
They had fire and lights and sake to welcome the people who came to visit and pray.

A blessing for the new year

Hovering between this year and the next  

one eye open, one eye closed

murmuration a halo of movement and sound surrounding





The Sae half of our collaboration is going to her other home in Japan for a visit and will send us photos from there beginning next week on the third of January. We look forward to starting the new year with you.



Looking up

Painting by Eric McConnachie  done while visiting the gallery.

This is the feeling that we are looking for

and this is what we wish for you this holiday season.

Put on your party hat, giddy-up and go!

Christmas is all well and good...

but it's a bit of a hard climb.

Different ways of seeing

Yesterday both Sae and I discovered the evidence of mouse quite independent of each other,

in places close to where we work, behind the computer and the toaster oven and coffee maker at home.

So, I wondered what that might be pointing at. Every creature has a very particular perspective

based on their size, physical body, the way they move in their environment.

The mouse sees things close up but does not have much of an overview.

It's the details that I seem to have been overlooking of late and not looking behind what is most obvious.

Any reminder to challenge our habitual way of looking is good.  

Books and mice don't rhyme

Today the books arrived

and hopefully the mice (just discovered by unsanitary evidence) will depart. 

We are asking them politely to pack their bags and leave.



Mouse portrait by Daniel Hanequand.

End of the year Open House

Please visit 80 Gerrard East for an Open House
from noon to five p.m. tomorrow.

Refreshments will be served and all the galleries will be open.
The new exhibit: "what is necessity?"


We have changed the exhibit in the collage and ascending galleries to respond to the title 'higher up and further in'.

The E.J. Gold gallery continues to show Daniel Hanequand's 'a human landscape'
and all of his work from previous shows can be viewed in video format in the Gold library.

Daniel Hanequand's original drawings can be seen at the gallery and purchased from the artist's estate.

Higher up and farther in

ladder and bowl
hat and ball
the language of objects
precise and evocative
known in the body

Work on exhibit in the collage gallery
at Arcturus.

Stop the ride I wanna get off


Sometimes being sick is like standing still, spinning in place
wondering when can I get off this not so merry go'round.
When we're sick it's hard to remember what it feels like to be well
and when we are well it's hard to remember (thank goodness) being sick.

Please get well Miss Sae.
It's much more fun doing the blog with you.


Just rolling along...


Why balls?

Play. We need to play.


All you need is light






Today was a hard day to wake up but by the time it was dark we found the light.




'Tis the season...'

Today Sae and I finished our first book, a documentation of the exhibition which 

is appearing now at gallery arcturus and seen in part in the photo above entitled,-

'w h a t   i s   n e c e s s i t y ?' . Christmas is a time when scarcity and excess 

are glaring and so it seems an appropriate time to consider 'what is necessity' not as 

an expression of poverty but as a recognition of how little is needed to give us a sense

of fullness and satisfaction.  

...and we are still holding on

It's a fine thread

simple but not easy

We are building a new show, singing bowls, and honey all of a golden hue looking to find 'what is necessity'