Hail, Hail, the Gang's all Here!


Our friend Ariel came to visit today

and we created a gang

to add to our theatre. 

The best thing about being together

is working together

and the surprise of what is created.

Meeting at the watering hole

This is the House that I Built



I have built my house

out of pieces of my life

old and new.

The pieces fit together

sometimes in strange ways

leaning a little to the left

or to the  right.


Behind the walls and windows

lives a theatre of characters,

performing a dramatic balancing act.






And in the basement

a shadow lurks

or simply looks

at what is there. 





The planets move and we too

are somehow

in the shadow of each other.

With a pen in my hand and a story on my lap


It seems

that the forms have sunk into the floor,

a quiet resignation

but all effort is striving upwards.

The Shape of Colour

opposites collaborate

Granting us an audience

We are in love.  

Watching this being move and surface, swim close and look unblinkingly at us inspires a long slow outbreath.   I guess we just can't help but tune ourselves to its rhythm,

unhurried, steady and perfectly content in the world that s/he is immersed in.  


           These turtles live in the ponds found at the Brick Works Conservation Area.

              An easy eight minute drive from the gallery.

Creating Order out of Chaos

... a constant struggle.


It is easy to be overwhelmed by chaos

and to avoid engaging with it

but today we were reminded

that when we do attempt to return to order

that action often makes us aware of hidden resources

and inspiration that can lift us out of a stuck place.


Trying to be focused

and getting pulled up 

into a sharp straight point

the sensation on the top center of my head

making it possible to work.

Timing is Everything

On our Thursday hunt we met our friend Joachim on the street and asked him if he knew where we could find an old slide projector. He replied that he had one in his basement and would bring it to the gallery on Tuesday. He did. The metronome has also been added and wound up to keep an even, steady pulse. These are the latest installments to the theater, newly named 'Theater of Perpetual Motion and Continuous Surprise'.  


Projector donated by Joachim Oepkes.

Not Found Yet


Sometimes when you can't find what you need

you have to settle for cheese cake.



Off to look for who know's what!

Kissed by Light and Contentment

A day of gentle doing.

In the Sky

How is it possible for something to look so much the same and to be so different?

The one and the many.

The small and the huge.

A sole navigator and a theater of passengers.

All afloat.

How to stay cooler

How to stay cool

Under a Little Grumpy Cloud

This is something of a tall story, clouds can't really be grumpy and balls aren't usually as big as cows. 

But for the best part of the day I seemed to be under a little cloud and I was definitely grumpy.

Not now.

Now the cloud is the best new edition to the 'theatre'. 

Bad moods can sometimes be an inspiration.

Far From the Maddening Herd


The library space has become the home of a theatre experiment conducted by Sae Kimura and deborah harris.

It has been given the name:- 'The Theatre of the Unknown'

and will continue to evolve over the summer with it's debut in the fall.



The World Keeps Turning








Today Vivian was both a collage participant and the one recording the event.

These two collages are examples of the order which can emerge from creative chaos

and of the outer limits which we can travel to. 

Inside and Out


Today is a day for building things. Small things like bird legs and wings and a little bird body

and big things like a porch pillar, cutting lengths of wood with a table saw.

There is something the same about these projects,

the concentration and figuring how to bring about balance and strength in the form.

But such a different scale. One requires much moving and the other a certain stillness. 

Each project came to the same point of completion at the same time. Each one requires a finishing layer.

An interesting parallel story.

This was today.

Just There

This photograph inspires curiosity. What is it?

This question does not need an answer. It does not require a history or a story made up about its significance.

It is simply a form of a particular color and shape,  placed in a context and framed by the eye and camera's lens.

Not everything created needs to be explained. Surprise and mystery can quiet a busy mind.  

A Big Small Space

Places I Haven't Been Before

I take walks when I am working at the gallery. Each day I go a little further, making a bigger circle to explore.  

These are the places I discovered this week.   SK

Under the Influence

This is a story about the collaboration between a sculptor, a collage artist and two photographers.

We are each influenced by the other to create something unique.

Pete and Sae Conversing

A camera can give permission to go to places that I wouldn't usually go and to look at things differently.

These photographs were taken by Sae Kimura. The top one is of Pete Corr.


A pause to sense where we are

Where to now?


A pause to determine where do we go from here?

Moving Forward

Can you see the figure?

Feet planted, skirt full and blowing behind,

face upturned towards the balloon,

red with intent.

A rough terrain to walk in but expansive 

with distant horizons.

I feel that I want to be this figure.

One Man's Garbage is Another Man's Treasure


Today we opened up the studio space, 

moving things that we had once found to be found by others.

a sharing of the wealth.



Off to the Lake

An Inspiring Celebration


For the past year we have been exhibiting different bodies of work by Daniel Hanequand.

This Saturday we are holding a closing reception where we will make available for viewing all of the work from those exhibits.

It will be the last chance to see these works in this format. We welcome you to attend between 2 and 5:30 pm.




Through the Lens


For the last week we have been preparing the Collage Gallery for the next exhibition

'l o o k i n g  a t   p e t e' , reception to be held this Saturday 8th of July,  2:00 - 5:30pm.

Peter Corr (pietdesnapp) has photographed people throughout his life,  people who he recognizes as having an affinity for, people who can also see him. There is an agreement between him and his subject, a mutual regarding. 

In this exhibit we are introduced to Pete the photographer and to some of the characters he has met in his life as they appear through the lens of his camera, (as seen above).


Black Dog

Looking at life from both sides

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go



Happy Canada Day Weekend!!


It's fun to walk in the rain when you have a black rain coat

(even if it's not your own).




The sensation of looking out as if from inside a small box can feel cozy and protected or a little cramped and small.

It just depends on the circumstance.  


What is perfection?

TGFF Thank Goodness For Friends



 It is quite impossible not to be influenced and inspired by each other these are friends of Shmo.

Perhaps there are more friends coming.

Introducing Shmo

This is the newest member of our team created by Sae Kimura.

We all love him.

Not Giving Up

Today is a very serious day 

but we are holding on 

and dancing our way through it.

Living is courageous

Today we are talking about courage and about being alone and about how small is our place on this earth.

When we are sitting we are not moving. It is a pause when we consider where we are.

This chair was at the corner of Carlton and Church. It is not there now. 




Inviting you to look

We are having a conversation about colour,

the alchemy of colour, its energy and effect.

A petal of red on a grey sidewalk is a different sensation from a grey pebble on a red floor.

A pink sleeved elbow resting on the windowsill of a lapis blue car,

a green stink bug on ground covered in fresh cedar chips,

these combinations trigger a most surprising sensation if we pause long enough to notice.

It is not simply the combinations of complementary colours

but the ratio of one to another which is both surprising and mysterious. 


Looking Down



A simple tilt of the head and different worlds open up. 

Down or up, left or right, 

the possibilities of seeing surround us.

Looking Up

The view from the top of the stairs 

in front of the door of the gallery.

Unfolding Father Time

Father Time is the title of a painting by Sae Kimura, shown here as she has reproduced it on chiffon fabric. This and other printed fabrics by Sae can be seen at Pamenar Cafe on Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market. Works will be displayed til June 30th.  

Something to be found

Even with all the hundreds of high rises being built 

we are still a city of green.

What Changes and What Remains?

In the winter of 1912 Lawren Harris painted this building, 80 Gerrard St E.,

which is now Gallery Arcturus.

Pigeon Theatre

just humming a little tune

strolling down the avenue

Nothing!  hmm

In the spot light now, 

tada tada, doing a little dance.

Oh! what's in here? 

Wearing my red shoes

one foot in front of the other...


Hanging in Limbo

Les Demoiselles d'Arcturus


When Vivian finished her collage she was reminded of the painting of Picasso titled 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

We chose a black and white copy of what is a colored painting so that the forms could be easily seen.

Below is a more accurate reproduction of his original.

Artists speak with each other in many different ways.



Colour comes in all shapes and sizes

but today waiting is black and white.