The Balancing Continues...

Eleven miniature collages by Vivian Felsen.

Step Down to the Basement





           This is how we look

            without our masks.

From Bloom to Dust





Flower drying on the front desk












footprints in the sand













drawing with 2B

Three balls, one still life









Vivian Felsen painted this still life today in the gallery.










When finished she said it reminded her

of Gauguin's  'Still Life with Three Puppies'.






      Sae says,"I like this painting very much."

I got that cactus feeling...



This drawing by Daniel Hanequand is one of eight in a series entitled 'b e c o m i n g   w h a t   w e    d o'

showing in the upper collage gallery at Gallery Arcturus and is part of an ongoing reveal of Hanequand's work. 

The cactus is growing in the adjoining E.J.Gold Gallery.


They seem to have a symbiotic relationship.

The Last Ship

construction and deconstruction

fast forward and skillful reverse (safety net required).


It seems we spend the first half of life constructing an identity

and the last half trying to be free of all we have accumulated.


Each direction is a journey to be taken.

Sails hanging waiting for the wind.




Painting the space

Finally, we, Vivian Felsen, Sae Kimura and deborah harris,  agreed to let the sculptures in the gallery space be the subject for our painting. It is always somewhat intimidating to begin to paint but once started it is hard to stop.


The more you look, the more you see. 

what is gravity?

Composing with red (A Fugue in Four Parts)


A day that has been washed with rain

and clouds still full with promise of more

looking through the bars of the back window 

the outside reflections enter and become the inside space   


No regrets

When we say yes to something we are committing to it often without giving it much consideration.



 What is perfect?

Shades of what's to come

This building on the corner of Parliament and Queen was a used furniture business for as long as I can remember. It's empty now and will probably be torn down for a condo which they will not paint turquoise. There seems to be construction on every downtown street this summer forcing many small businesses to close. In this photo the red sign and blue deserted store front are a treat for the eye. Sometimes art can tell a difficult story beautifully. 

The looking itself is a trace of what we are looking for

Today we had the privilege of seeing a small fraction of the collected works of Daniel Hanequand (deceased) at his wife's home here in Toronto. There is nothing to compare with seeing an artist's original works, up close, uninterrupted by glass, not just one isolated piece but a whole lifetime of drawings and paintings. Some of his finest work was done using pencil, (as is shown above), also pen and ink, pencil crayon and paint. It is truly a staggering body of work. Over the next year, we at the gallery with the generous assistance of his wife Maria-Carla Carrara, look forward to exhibiting his work in the five gallery spaces. Please check our website to follow its unfolding. 


Hanging in the Balance

what is the difference between a ball and a bowl

it's almost as though the ball was carved out from the bowl

that the bowl is the shell of the ball

and is balancing something that is carried and moves with us 

different from balancing something that stays still?


These pieces in the upper collage gallery seem to bring the human element to the current exploration of

'a tenuous balance' returning to the original description of how balance must be found within movement.





The Measure of Solitude

A room of one's own

has the perfect chair, with just the right amount of red,

a window or two,

screen door,

book shelf, with a favorite book,

a pen and sheaves of paper.

small enough to be quiet,

close enough to be far away

and not much else... except the agreement to go there. 

What is Between?










 Does form give shape to space?

 or space give shape to form?





Sculpture is by Floyd Kuptana and is viewable in the collage gallery on the second floor.

"Don't Make Any Sudden Moves"



Walking into the library, the E.J. Gold Gallery, this is the figure that meets you.

She is looking at you looking at her, a mutual regarding.

It is an expression known from the inside,

 recognized and appreciated this morning by Sae who took this picture.



Then looking at this picture we realized that the message, 'Don't Make Any Sudden Moves'

is what we need to say to viewers visiting the current exhibit 'a  t e n u o u s   b a l a n c e'.

All of the sculptures in the gallery space have been carefully assembled using 

weight, gravity and tension to achieve a stable but precarious balance and must therefore

be approached with stillness and attention.     (no glue, screws or nails have been used)

Water, the last resort

Today begins the last long weekend of the summer.

Some travel north to lakes and cottages and others head south to the beaches of our lake here.

Either way we are all looking to get a cooling break from the hot city.

Turning to face...

two figures 


side by side

back to back

turning they face each direction

finally,  they face each other


then part.

What holds the string?

Art has always been a way of telling the story of being human, life and death, struggle and joy.

Art lets us transform our experience into a form that we can see and digest.

Our individual lives seem such a complexity of detail,

woven so tightly that it is difficult to see the one string that ties it all together.    

At Rest

This is a favorite painting of Jamie's by Vivian Felsen.

The Grateful Dead         A Requiem in Four Parts


You're sick of hangin' around and you'd like to travel

Get tired of travelin' and you want to settle down

I guess they can't revoke your soul for tryin'

Get out of the door and light out and look all around




Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me

Other times I can barely see

Lately it occurs to me what a  long, strange trip it's been


Truckin', I'm goin'home. Whoa whoa baby, back where I belong

Back home, sit down and patch my bones, and get back truckin' on















Dying, you tore a hole in life

Through which your gentle spirit slipped. 

And in the fabric of my world,

A little rend that will not knit.






Written for Vivian's mother Anne Glass 

by her friend Adele Wiseman in 1982

Jamie left this morning just after 11am. The Grateful Dead was one of his favorite bands and this song quoted,  'Truckin'

seemed a perfect exit song. Vivian remembered the poem written for her mother and wished to share it with Jamie.

The collages were done yesterday when we were each holding him in our hearts.

PART I is by deborah harris     PART II is by Eron Boyd    PART III is by Sae Kimura   PART IV is by Vivian Felsen

Wishing him a glorious departure

A very dear friend of ours, Jamie LaTrobe is moving quickly towards departing from this earth. Jamie took this photo and posted it on his blog as 'What's New'. We are hoping with all our hearts that this is a premonition of his own taking flight.

Jamie has shared with us the richness of his seeing, the kindness and compassion of his being. His photographic work is a celebration of life.


Please give yourself the pleasure of meeting Jamie and his work by visiting

What is perfect?

what is perfect?


a feather and the bird it came from

each petal  and leaf  and blade of grass

a bee,  an ant,  the bark of a tree


Maybe what we draw   or paint   or sing   or dance

is our attempt to know what is perfect,

an attempt which inspires us  humbles us  and brings us into a relationship with perfection.

Me and my shadow

A shadow is not the same as a reflection. There are no details or colors in a shadow,

just the form slightly stretched or twisted but always recognizable.

It seems somewhat magical to see this thin film of myself easily sliding upon the wall

or on the ground in front of me as I walk or sometimes following behind.

An almost perfect formless form, inseparable from the form it echoes.



Plants are always moving 

turning towards the sun

catching the slightest movement in the air.

 They find their balance being rooted in the earth.


This is where we invite visitors to sit and rest.


A Tenuous Balance

This old Japanese wood print, overlayed with collage figure and balls,

seems to perfectly represent how balance must be found within movement.

As life is constantly in motion finding balance is a continuous challenge.


The Momentum of Change

When everything is off the walls and installations dismembered there are paintings and materials piled up in the corners and hallways waiting to find storage space. But what is most surprising and exciting is seeing the bare space again. Windows that have been covered are now opened up. A plant came upstairs from the studio and set a whole series of changes in motion. It all happened so fast, so fluidly. It is a space that we have never been in before. Collage sculptures have materialized almost magically. It  is an experiment and a discovery, seeing materials that are in the gallery and finding ways of bringing them together in a new and dynamic relationship. It seems that it is all about balance, 'a tenuous balance'. A sensation and a reality that each of us lives with.  

It's About Balance

The Collage Site



no words at the table

Weather, you like it or not...

Something torn, mended






what can be seen as a point of weakness...





                                                  ... becomes a point of beauty





"I think I need space

inside me

for curiousity."

Animals can teach us to be human

A human has the capacity to know itself

an animal has the capacity to be itself

but animals know how to live on the earth 

and we have mostly forgotten


The Making of a Book

Sae and I are making books

translating our conversations

into images and objects

gestures twisting and turning 

and coming together in space. 

An experience we are recording 

to share.


The weather has changed

Treasures in a bottle



What can you put in a bottle?

colour, texture, light

and the memory of the gesture that placed them

on a windowsill in the studio

where sometimes they are seen 

and sometimes not.

Workmate 400

Mark Tai is our 'dancing wu li master'. Guardian of tools and hardware, cleaning supplies and implements thereof. The gallery is the dojo he protects and cares for.


We wonder, 'How come he is so smart?'

Taking Down the Big Tent

The lights have come down on the

C I R C U S and 'the barefoot Contessa',

the visitor we were holding out for, Eron's daughter Maya, came today from Montreal and took in the show. So, unless we have a few more stragglers that make it in in the next day or so they will be met by a pristine empty space waiting to inspire whatever is coming next.


The C I R C U S show ended on Saturday and by all rights I should have taken it down already

but it is always hard to take down a show.

I am aware that this exact and particular configuration will never happen again.

I think of those who did not get to see it and I want to hold on to one more day of possibility.

It is a challenge to hold loosely to those people or things that we love.

What follows is always an unknown.

Today it is potatoes and the surprise of reading the words below written on a sidewalk I stepped upon.  

In the words of Sting


If you love somebody

If you love someone, set them free.




Perhaps it is the holding too tightly which can kill us.

T G I F (the day for making videos)

These are two collages, the one on the left is by Eron Boyd and the one on the right is by deborah harris. They were made at the same time in different rooms of the studio, each was using a duplicate copy of the same image (unbeknownst to them).  Eron kept only the body and deborah kept only the head. The resulting images are uncanny self portraits of their posture and attitude while making visual sound poetry together. They use this image as an end page on many of the videos to represent their collaboration: E B O H A


E B O H A has made over 120 visual sound poetry videos which you can see on:






a conversation


between objects and space

light and shadow

between one artist and another 

moved to create beauty

Introducing some of the gallery family




This is Ed Drass. He is the person that you will most likely meet when you enter the gallery. He is a skilled multi-tasker, and can eat breakfast, update the computer and greet guests almost simultaneously. He will be happy to describe the five galleries to you and take you on a tour.


In quiet moments he

takes naps.









Eron Boyd is the basement troll. He is

an avid book collector,

green thumb gardener,

and the better half of


visual sound poetry video productions,

(with myself dh)

He has also become a

collage artist showing work in the Collage Gallery. 





Trying to feel


 We had a conversation today

about living and dying  

about life and death

about those forty-nine

that we do not know

and others that we do

this conversation was full of questions

and no answers

trying to look at what is close

and what is far away

 what is it that we can touch








And then reflected light

from the windshields of the cars outside

cast shadows

through the window

of the upside down acrobat

and moved him like one leaving

across the wall.

Waiting on the Stoop

Today Floyd Kuptana visited the gallery after being away for a while.

He started on a new piece, another Sedna. It's always exciting to see a stone take shape.

The piece in the photo above is whale bone and soap stone, finished in 2015.

This little guy is in the studio window, also by Floyd.

Sedna sings

Sedna is a voice

a cry



with every fiber upwards

away from weight

and gravity

towards song



Sedna is a stone sculpture by Inuit artist Floyd Kuptana and is part of the gallery's permanent collection.

Morning Begins

The ritual


of preparing the space


from the outside in


sweeping the sidewalk


lighting incense


watering the plants


balancing the rocks.


Each day


meeting the space




What am I looking at?

Miniature cutout figures are placed within a photographic Midway installation

transforming it into a magical and expansive world.


This a part of a photographic installation 'Along for the Ride'

a feature of the exhibition C I R C U S at Gallery Arcturus

showing til June 18 2016.

The Midway photos are by Simeon Posen and the installation is by deborah harris.

The above photos are taken by Sae Kimura.