Three faces

sleepy blue eyes

sad blue eyes

curious blue eyes

something so comforting to be seen by these eyes

that have somehow appeared like magic on the sidewalk out front




turning pollen into gold





an installation at gallery arcturus, 

part of the new show 'what is necessity'

Looking from many sides

What leads to questioning?

What does it look like when two friends share questions

questions without easy answers

that ask us to look inside to what we know,

   in the body and in the shadows that stretch out from us.

The same questions take on such different appearances

when we let them enter,

like looking at an elephant from different sides of the same room. 

Held Within

This sculpture has a strong quiet presence that invites me also to be quiet,

respectful not to intrude upon the space he occupies.

I am reminded that such a space exists within each of us.

A private space, self contained  and precious.  

Three portraits, with smoke and mirrors and listening

Sculpted in Light           (and TGIF)



Sculpture by Floyd Kuptana

(our in-residence rock star)

Unexpected Visitors

I love working here





Sculpture by Floyd Kuptana


Table set by Eron Boyd


plates washed after by Sae Kimura. 


Treat eaten by all.




Obstacles along the way

a metal gate

a twisted rope

a pile of rocks 


on the right path but walking backwards




How do I remember what I have never known?


I will remember this field of flags 

blowing in the wind 

a thousand gestures and one gesture 

I can receive.



A Visitation

Today we congregated in the basement studio for a lunchtime feast

a celebration and meeting of a little-little one

daughter of a daughter of a daughter... 

who with her very smallness calls us

to circle in wonder 

A couple of chairs


and me...


being seen.




Mistakes are the mother of invention

Holding Possibility

Friends walking under bridges.


Today walking through the valley

everything alive and breathing

everything  colour and fragrance

that sense when taste and smell combine

to describe the earth as somewhere we inhabit

up and down and side to side  

we are surrounded

For every light there is a shadow



There was a moment like this today

clear and bright and sharp

a moment when time stopped 

and then began again.

Keep your eye on the ball!

Returning to the work space after the weekend we sit down together to each do a collage just to find out who and where we are today.  It is always a surprise.



Collages from left to right by Eron Boyd, deborah harris, SAE KIMURA

Saturday is the Reception,  please come!

Lost and Found

 so many things are supposed to be done by now

but so many things have not been done yet

straight lines are twisted

things I remembered are forgotten

I want to know how I got so lost

and how I got back to somewhere that I know


...I followed the thread home.




An alley seems a different world. 

"Where is this place,

so close to noise and traffic 

and so far away?"


Behind what we usually see 

is something else,

a red door,

a bright light.


"All the lines go in." she says

"All the lines go up and out." says the other

Who knows?

You can turn left or right 

or go back the way you came.







Looking for red








Today attention is diffused


light and dark filtered through water in a glass


no clear shapes or direction  


patterns of thoughts meandering...



...and then for just a moment 


light and dark 


spiral into rose.

A feeling of contentment



Drawing by Daniel Hanequand on exhibit at Gallery Arcturus.

nnneeh!!  (the sound an Irritant makes)


We all have little Irritants


that follow us around 


poking,  pricking,  pinching


trying to get us to react.


Tiny pointed red shoes


kicking us in the shins.



How many breaths must be exhaled


how many balloons must be filled 


to lift us up and away. 


Which end is up?

                                                        A Conundrum.

Pointing to something


A word calls what it means to itself.  The word is the perfect container for its meaning.


A line is a movement, a gesture


a line has direction, and energy and the possibility of reminding us of something that we know



not only as an image in our head 


but as a sensation in our body.



TGIF  (or maybe not)

The quieting sound of one bowl ringing

the moment before


the moment after 


in between


 is the sound


Trying to stay on our toes

Tomorrow we may fall off 

but today ends with us all dancing on, what may be small,

but satisfying achievements.


Above is a section of a drawing by Daniel Hanequand.

What is  a Necessity?

the 'right' hat


a place to stand


a way in and a way out




the proximity of others


a reminder of flight


red shoes


a measure of comfort and space between


something round


the play of colour






Off into the sunset...


Observing Attention

 Watching something being constructed  is very different than simply seeing the finished construction.

I get a sense of the weight and largeness of it and of how it could fall and break .

My work is done with pencil and paper.

It takes time and concentration too but I am not wrestling physically with my materials.


Today we made alterations in this installation to accommodate the new work of Daniel Hanequand.


It is exciting being witness to change. 


These plaster pillars were created by Ramona Zoladek in November 2014.

They were installed in this configuration by Lee Harris.  (shown above)

Simple but not easy

Sometimes our conversation leads us to wonder

and what is usually kept small and contained explodes

sending seeds flying in every direction.


Maybe it is possible to travel to a new place

holding a seed

carried by the wind.


Walking towards winter

Signed. sealed, delivered.

carefully wrapped and stamped and carried 

from hand to hand

on truck and boat and plane

A package sent

and delivered


to you.


Strawberries are a celebration


Cool, clear, water

In the thicket

...and seeing with too many I's